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Hammers and Striking ToolsView all

  • Engineer/Drilling/Blacksmith Hammers

    Used for forming metals and demolishing or driving masonry pieces, hand drills, chisels and punches. Engineer hammers feature a heavy head, just like a sledgehammer, but with shorter and smaller handles. Offered in fibreglass and hickory handle options

  • Interchangeable Tips/Heads

    Includes a wide range of replacement hammer tips in vinyl, nylon, hardened steel and brass. Available in different hardness and thread sizes

  • Mallets Dead Blow Hammers

    Used for repairing automobile bodies and engines, knocking woodworking joints and installing large diameter cables. Feature an ergonomic handle in fibreglass / hickory / rubber-over-aluminium

  • Picks Riveting/Chipping Hammers

    Durable picks and shrinking / door skin / finishing hammers commonly used in metallurgy and mining industries. Available in fibreglass, steel and wood handle variants

  • Sledges

    Contains various industrial-grade NUPLA Sledge hammers, such as double face, soft face and non-sparking hammers in different diameters, materials and weights

  • Soft Face Split Head Hammers

    Dead blow / quick-change / wheel weight hammers with interchangeable and oversized heads for minimal miss-hits and increased functionality. Extensively used for die moving / positioning and electric motor or propeller repair

Cutting ToolsView all

  • Bolt Cutters

    Non-conductive bolt cutters used to cut padlocks, bolts, wire meshes and chains. Feature short blades and long handles with compound hinges for maximum gripping and cutting force. Fibreglass handles provide outstanding dielectric properties and ensure extra safety in wet conditions  

  • Cable and Wire Cutters

    Highly durable cable and wire cutters designed for cutting cables, conduits, wires and PVC stocks. Feature shear cutting mechanism for minimum kerf generation and a fibreglass handle for better insulation properties. Capable of cutting aluminium, copper & communication cables up to lengths of 9/16 inch  

Prying ToolsView all

Masonry Concrete and Tile ToolsView all

  • Concrete Rakes and Movers

    Designed to spread concrete uniformly on a surface without breaks. Feature a steel-head and a vinyl-coated fibreglass straight handle that allows concrete levelling even from a distance

Drywall and Plastering ToolsView all

  • Putty/Joint Knives Spatulas Scrapers

    Carbon-steel floor scrapers with a fibreglass handle used to remove adhesives, tiles, rust and carpets from floors. Features a stiff-blade for heavy-duty twisting and prying

About the Brand

With over 80 years of experience, NUPLA has been offering more than 1600 industrial-grade hand tools and their parts. The NUPLA Tools catalogue includes axes, hatchets, shovels, sledges hammers, hammers, cutters, rakes and other non-conductive tools for various rescue, repair and maintenance applications. The NUPLA Hammers category includes various soft-face, steel and dead blow hammers in different face diameters and colours, with options in fibreglass, hickory and wooden handles. The company also offers various interchangeable tips / heads and handles for hammers in different colours, thread sizes and materials. Along with other products, a variety of NUPLA shovels, such as round point, square point and general-purpose scoop shovels, can also be purchased from Raptor Supplies, an authorised NUPLA distributor.

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