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Conductivity Meters

Water Meter Con 6+
Item: AB6FXP
Model: WD-35604-00
€676.72 /unit
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Water Meter Kit Con 6+
Item: AB6FXQ
Model: WD-35604-04
€760.49 /unit
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Con 700 Meter With Prb/ Stnd
Item: AE7ZYF
Model: WD-35411-00
€1,223.26 /unit
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Conductivity Waterproof Pocket Meter, 0 to 20 mS/cm Electric Conductivity Range
Item: CF2LVA
Model: 3563406
€147.60 /unit
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Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Water Meter Do 6+
Item: AB6FXV
Model: WD-35643-10
€506.86 /unit
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Water Meter Do 6+ 1 M Length
Item: AB6FXW
Model: WD-35643-12
€1,031.11 /unit
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Water Meter Kit Do 6+
Item: AB6FXX
Model: WD-35643-14
€1,173.00 /unit
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Do 700 Meter With Probe / Stand
Item: AE7ZYJ
Model: WD-35415-00
€2,224.50 /unit
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Dissolved Oxygen Meter And Probe Ip67
Item: AG4KMC
Model: WD-35640-30
€2,009.10 /unit
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Electrodes and Probes

Orp Meter Replacement Electrode
Item: AF3QPT
Model: WD-35650-09
€194.62 /unit
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Replacement Ph Electrode
Item: AF3WEC
Model: WD-35634-50
€372.00 /unit
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Conductivity Cell Probe For 650
Item: AF3YNH
Model: WD-35408-57
€347.63 /unit
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Replacement Sensor, 0 To 14 pH Measurement Range, Single Junction Type
Item: AF4BBV
Model: WD-35425-50
€106.05 /unit
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All Inch One Ph Electrode With Atc
Item: AF4BLD
Model: WD-35816-77
€189.52 /unit
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Ph Meter Electrode Cole Parmer
Item: AF4EKX
Model: WD-35641-51
€171.16 /unit
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Ph Temperature Electrode All-in-one Single
Item: AF4FBN
Model: WD-35801-78
€272.26 /unit
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Do2 Meter Replacement Probe For 49431
Item: AF4HAH
Model: WD-356-40-52
€872.26 /unit
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Do2 Meter Replacement Probe With 10 Foot
Item: AF4LQR
Model: WD-35640-50
€776.26 /unit
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Ph Temperature Electrode For 33773
Item: AF4MPP
Model: WD-35808-71
€246.70 /unit
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Conductivity Meter Replacement Probe For 536
Item: AF4QUF
Model: WD-35608-50
€259.12 /unit
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Orp Electrode Double Junction Sld
Item: AF4XDU
Model: 35805-14
€205.20 /unit
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Immersion Temperature Probe 32 To 212 Degree Fahrenheit
Item: AF4XMH
Model: WD-35613-05
€95.32 /unit
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PH Electrode Replacement For 57348
Item: AF4YFX
Model: WD-35811-71
€232.30 /unit
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Replacement Probe
Item: AF6BWB
Model: WD-35630-50
€405.38 /unit
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Replacement ORP Sensor, Range 0 to +1000m V, 32 - 122 Degree F Operating Temp
Item: CE9QAC
Model: 3563458
€116.66 /unit
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Multi-Parameter Meters

Ph/con 700 Motor With Ph-cond-temp Probe
Item: AE7ZYG
Model: WD-35413-00
€2,214.00 /unit
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Ph/con 700 Benchtop Meter With Stand
Item: AE7ZYH
Model: WD-35413-20
€1,764.00 /unit
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H2o Proof Ph620 Meterelctrd
Item: AF3YEX
Model: WD-35418-20
€1,881.61 /unit
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Meter, pH/Conductivity/TDS Parameter
Item: CD3VBE
Model: 35634-35
€415.00 /unit
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Multiparameter Meter, Waterproof
Item: CD3VXH
Model: WD-35462-11
€149.50 /unit
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Multiparameter Meter, LCD, Waterproof
Item: CD3XYQ
Model: 35634-55
€329.00 /unit
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Multiparameter Meter, LCD Display
Item: CD3YAQ
Model: 35634-65
€329.00 /unit
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PCTS Waterproof Pocket Tester, -2to 16 pH Range
Item: CE9TUP
Model: 3563460
€348.60 /unit
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