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Electrical Filter


Current Transformers

Transformer Current
Item: AE7YVY
Model: E54-CT1
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DC Power Supplies

Electronic Timers

Hour Meters

Limit Switch Arms and Actuators

Limit Switch Body and Contacts

Limit Switch Heads

Limit Switch Receptacle

Limit/Interlock Switches

Photoelectric Sensor Cables

Photoelectric Sensor Reflectors

Reflector 2-5/16 Inch x 1-35/64 In
Item: AA9LBT
Model: E39-R1
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Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors Accessories

Mounting Bracket
Item: AA9LCJ
Model: E39-L117
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Lens Kit

Lens Kit

Item: AE7ZLT
Model: E39-F1
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About the Brand

Omron Corporation is a leading manufacturer of electronic and automation components, equipment and systems. The company's line of products includes sensors, switches, relays, safety components, temperature controllers, RFID systems, inverters, industrial robots, monitoring / analysing software and power supplies. The Omron Relay catalogue incorporates a wide range of solid-state, terminal, general-purpose and power relays. The solid-state relays from Omron are widely used in the switching of an AC load, for speed control in motors and for temperature control in ovens and moulding machines. These relays and other Omron products, such as snap action switches, photoelectric sensors and electronic timers, can be purchased through Raptor Supplies.