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HVAC and Refrigeration


HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

Air Cannons and Man Coolers

Ideal for high-velocity ventilation in pick modules, workstations, loading docks & parking garages. Feature a side-vented barrel design for max airflow (17000 CFM) & a direct-drive motor with sealed bearings. Available in yoke, pedestal, column, wall, stroller & rack-style mounting options

  • Air Cannon, 3 Phase
  • Air Cannon, 3 Phase
  • Air Cannon, 3 Phase
  • Air Cannon, 3 Phase+17
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  • Air Cannon, 1 Phase
  • Air Cannon, 1 Phase
  • Air Cannon, 1 Phase
  • Air Cannon, 1 Phase+15
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Air Circulator Accessories

Installation accessories such as yoke mountings, oscillating wall mounts, steel brackets and suspension bolts suitable for use with air circulators

Suspension Bolts

Suspension Bolts

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Mounting Bracket Steel Blue Powder Coat
Item: AE7UJF
Model: PS BLUE
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Dock Mounting Bracket Steel
Item: AE7UJG
Model: TC BLUE
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Wall Mount Oscillating Kit Steel
Item: AA4VLP
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Floor Mounting Bracket Steel
Item: AE7UJJ
Model: PB 34
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  • Mounting Yoke
  • Mounting Yoke

Mounting Yoke

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Air Circulators

Shop-floor mobile drum fans featuring OSHA-approved spiral wire finger guards for added protection & semi-pneumatic wheels for easy portability. Come equipped with a factory-wired, 12-ft cord with a plug & rotary switch

Ceiling Fan Accessories

Downrod support kits suitable for use in Patterson ceiling fan installations. Consist of down rods, support brackets, fan safety cables & related mounting hardware

Direct Drive Double Inlet Fwd Curve Blowers w/Dr Pkg

Trailer coolers featuring a whistle-shape design to keep forklifts out of the way from loading dock fans and access doors for easy maintenance. Provide a max airflow rate of 3200 CFM

About the Brand

Patterson Fan Company manufactures high-quality air-movement equipment for use in commercial spaces, car parkings, warehouses and indoor swimming pools. The brand's catalogue includes high-velocity air cannons, man coolers, shop-floor air circulators / drum fans, ceiling fans and evaporative roof-cooling systems. Patterson air cannons feature a Deep-Venturi inlet / outlet design with side-vented barrels to create even columns of undisturbed air flow (max. 17000 cfm) and a direct-drive, maintenance-free motor with sealed bearings for providing rotational speeds up to 1725 rpm. These high-velocity fans are available in yoke, pedestal base, column, wall, portable stroller and rack-style mounting options. The brand also manufactures drum fans ideal for spot cooling and condensation cooling in areas frequently undergoing high-pressure cleaning, like loading docks, steel mills or auto shops. These fans come equipped with 30- / 34-inch Galvalume blades, a factory-wired 12-ft cord, a rotary switch and semi-pneumatic wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Choose from a wide range of Patterson industrial-grade fans and related accessories, like mounting hardware and downrods on Raptor Supplies.