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Pneumatics Filter


Includes Procon pump parts, such as V-band clamps and standard couplings, to be used with models in the 6XE78 - 6XE97, 5JKE0 - 5JKE3 and 5JKD1 - 5JKD4 Series Procon vane pumps

V-band Clamp

V-band Clamp

Item: AA3YTF
Model: 1113
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Coupling Bronze Modified
Item: AB2JPW
Model: 1143-4
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Coupling Standard
Item: AB2JPV
Model: 1143
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About the Brand

Procon has been manufacturing high-quality pumps, motors and related accessories for more than 50 years. The company manufactures six types of pumps in brass and stainless steel, with flow rates ranging between 15 and 660 gallons per hour. The RoHS, NSF and ATEX certified Procon pump is widely used in hydraulics, pneumatics and plumbing industries. The Procon rotary vane pump is capable of handling liquids with low lubricating characteristics at high pressures. It can be used with fire-resistant fluids, hydraulic oils, lubricants and coolants for application in reverse osmosis systems, beer cooling systems, carwash machines, atomising / misting systems and steam cleaning machines.
Choose from a wide variety of rotary vane pumps and other Procon products, such as v-band clamps, couplings and pump adapter kits, on Raptor Supplies.