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HVAC and Refrigeration


Pneumatics Filter


Transformer 480/24 Volts
Item: AB3UDW
Model: 5814-0003-002
€198.22 /unit
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Relay 3 Pole 30 Amp
Item: AB3UDX
Model: 5018-0004-100
€242.26 /unit
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Dpdt Thermostat
Item: AB3UDY
Model: 5813-2027-000
€89.33 /unit
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Spst Thermostat
Item: AB3UDZ
Model: 410168002
€140.92 /unit
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Fan Motor 208/240/277 Volts
Item: AB4PHP
Model: 3900-2014-004
€397.88 /unit
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Heating Element 480 Volts
Item: AB4PHR
Model: 1802-0087-011
€196.20 /unit
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About Qmark

Qmark, a brand of Marley Engineered Products, manufactures a complete line of residential and commercial heaters and ventilation systems. The Qmark Heaters catalogue comprises baseboard, wall, unit, portable, convection, radiant, washdown, speciality, ceiling, garage and duct heaters, as well as thermostat controls. The brand's slope-top electric baseboard heaters are an ideal solution for room heating as they require very less space and are usually inconspicuous. These energy-efficient Qmark baseboard heaters are installed underneath windows so that the air coming out of the window’s glass counteracts the heater's rising air. They feature a high-temperature safety limit switch to turn off the heater in the event of an air blockage and a thermostat to control the temperature and maintain the desired comfort level.
The company also offers an extensive range of MUH Series unit heaters suitable for use in power stations, warehouses, garages, workshops and aircraft hangers. These Qmark unit heaters feature an advanced pull-through airflow design to facilitate even air distribution and a fully enclosed fan motor capable of delivering airflows up to 910 cfm. Choose from a wide range of these Qmark electric heaters based on different output and voltage ratings, on Raptor Supplies.