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Storage Bins and ContainersView all

  • Attached Lid Containers

    Gray containers featuring high-density polyethylene construction for improved storage and distribution of goods. Come with ergonomically designed handles and a non-slip, textured bottom for easy manoeuvrability. Available in 100, 125 and 150 lb load capacity variants

  • Bin And Box Accessories

    Wide range of bin cups, bin mounting hardware, dollies, label holders, inlay dust covers, lids, mobile kits, stacking brackets, tip out bins and wall rails offered in different lengths and heights

  • Bin Dividers

    Designed to maximise flexibility and prevent the compartmental shelves from spreading when overloaded, as well as to optimise the overall storage space. Feature front, back and side grips for easy handling and a built-in rear hanger that enables bins to hang

  • Bulk Container Accessories
  • Bulk Containers
  • Compartmented Drawers
  • Conductive Bins

    ESD conductive bins featuring a carbon-filled copolymer polypropylene body to protect electrical components from electromagnetic / electrostatic fields. Come equipped with a hopper front for easy access to stored items and a label holder to provide easy identification  

  • Divider Box Accessories

    Includes both long and short dividers suitable for dividing storage boxes vertically or horizontally and creating a 1-inch square compartment. Available in different length and width options

  • Drawer Bin Cabinets
  • Drawer Bins

    Designed for application with drawer storage cabinets and can also be used as a replacement for old or damaged drawer bins. Can handle loads up to 25 lb and have a maximum volume of 0.40 cu. ft.

  • Giant Hopper Bins

    Feature a wide hopper front to provide easy access to the stored contents, a hole drilled at the bottom for easy drainage while cleaning and front-, back- and side-grips for easy handling. Certain models come with casters for easy transportation.

  • Hang and Stack Bins

    Can be stacked onto each other and used with louvered panels, racks and rail systems for optimum space utilisation. Feature stacking ledges and anti-slide locks to avoid bins from shifting forward, and come with label holders for quick identification of stored contents

  • Label Holders
  • Louvered Racks and Panels

    Used to securely hang storage bins or containers to keep parts or components out of the way and to improve workplace safety. Can handle up to 2000 lb load and come in powder-coat or baked-enamel finish to resist dust or dirt

  • Parts Chests and Boxes
  • Shelf Bins

    Water-, chemical- and oil-resistant Quantum shelf bins made from polypropylene or polyethylene. Feature a moulded-in label holder, a built-in rear hanglock, reinforced edges and a maximum load capacity of 85 lb

  • Stack and Nest Containers
  • Stacking Container Accessories
  • Stacking Containers
  • Storage and Dispensing Bins
  • Storage Trays
  • Straight Wall Containers
  • Tip Out Bins

    Feature transparent fronts for quick identification of stored items and polystyrene / steel construction for durability. Can handle up to 500 lb load and useful in providing easy access to supplies, materials, tools and parts

  • Tote Lids
  • Totes

    Polyethylene / polypropylene totes with cross-stacking design for providing an efficient storing and organising solution in the workspace. Feature rolled top rims for a comfortable grip and rounded corners for added strength. Available in blue, grey and white colours

  • Tub Racks

    Blue / grey / white tub racks or dollies for transporting tubs containing large parts, tools & bulky goods. Feature polypropylene construction with an easy bin loading and unloading design. Offered in 3, 4 and 5 tub storage options

Shelving and Storage RacksView all

  • Bin Rail Systems

    Single- / double-sided bin rail systems used to provide an organised and extra storage for holding a large number of items in one place. Feature 3 pre-configured bench rack options and a strong louvred back to withstand loads up to 1600 lb. Available in 24, 48, 96 and 128 bin models

  • Bin Shelving

    Versatile and precision-moulded bin shelving to store small replacement parts or components. Feature dual layer construction and hemmed perimeter to ensure maximum strength and durability

  • Bin Shelving Accessories

    Includes swivel stem caster kits to enhance the manoeuvrability of furniture, carts or machinery around workplaces. Equipped with polyurethane casters, with built-in brake (on each), that can hold loads up to 300 lb

  • Cantilever Storage Racks
  • Dunnage Racks
  • Rack Accessories

    Steel frame mobile kits for mobilising double-sided rail units (rail floor racks) and hanging rail systems. Ideal for bin floor racks with Mfg No QRU-12D and QRU-16D. Feature rubber caster wheels for easy transportation

  • Shelving

    Easily accessible steel shelves to be used as commercial or workplace shelving units. Feature an all side open design for easy access and better visibility from every side. Have a total of 8 shelves capable of supporting heavy loads up to 350 lb

  • Shelving Accessories
  • Stack Racks
  • Wall Shelves

    Wire wall shelves ideal for kitchens owing to their ventilated design. Feature 16 gauge stainless steel construction and 3 shelves for offering better storage, with a max load capacity of 200 lb. Available in silver finish

  • Wire Shelf Posts
  • Wire Shelves
  • Wire Shelving
  • Wire Shelving Accessories

About the Brand

Quantum Storage Systems is a leading provider of durable industrial bins, containers and shelving systems for efficient storage and material handling applications in warehouses and stockrooms. The Quantum Storage Systems catalogue includes plastic bins, totes, bin dividers, wall containers, steel & wire shelving systems, stack and nest containers, and mobile bin carts. These storage products provide a hassle-free, durable and efficient storage solution, and are ideal for maintaining inventories. The Quantum Storage Bins range includes shelf bins, hang and stack bins, drawer bins and giant hopper bins. These bin storage systems are made of high-quality industrial-grade plastic to withstand loads up to 175 lb. They come in different colours for quick identification of the stored items and offer optimum space utilisation with improved accessibility. Quantum Storage bin dividers are also used to optimise the storage space of bins by creating additional compartments. These bin dividers are offered in carbon steel and polypropylene variants on Raptor Supplies.

Brand Exclusive Products