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Outdoor Equipment Filter

Drip Irrigation System Accessories

Includes bubblers & misters (in half & full-circle spray patterns) to provide uniform water distribution for mass shrub plantings, trees and flower beds. Drip irrigation accessories like couplings, elbows, tees, tube stacks, emitters & diffusers also available

End Closure 1/2 Inch Tubing Brown Plastic - Pack Of 2
Item: AB9PXW
Model: EC50-2PK
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Tubing Stake 1/2 Inch Tubing Silver Steel - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9PXX
Model: GS50-10PK
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Emitter Tool Purple Plastic
Item: AB9PXY
Model: ET-1PK
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Full Circle Micro Bubbler Black Plastic - Pack Of 4
Item: AB9PXZ
Model: MBF-4PK
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Mounting Clip 1/4 Inch Tubng Black Vinyl - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9PYA
Model: MCLIP-10PK
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Six Outlet Emitter Red/black Plastic
Item: AB9PYB
Model: MANIF2-1PK
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Riser Stake Black Vinyl
Item: AB9PYC
Model: RISER-1PK
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Faucet Connection Black Plastic
Item: AB9PYE
Model: FCKIT-1PK
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Riser Connection Kit Black Plastic
Item: AB9PYF
Model: RCKIT-1PK
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Elbow 1/2 Inch Tubing Brown Plastic - Pack Of 4
Item: AB9PXV
Model: BE50-4PK
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Shut Off Valve Barbed PK2
Item: AH9LVA
Model: BVAL25-2S
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Shut Off Valve Black
Item: AH9LVB
Model: BVAL50-1S
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360 Degree Adjustable Pattern Mister Black Plastic - Pack Of 2
Item: AA6TBY
Model: MIST-F-2PK
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360 Degree Micro Bubbler Black Plastic - Pack Of 2
Item: AA6TBZ
Model: MBUB-F-2PK
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Emitter And Diffuser Black Plastic Pk5
Item: AA6TBX
Model: SW50-05PK
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Tee 1/4 Inch Tubing Black Plastic - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9PXN
Model: BT25-10PK
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Coupling 1/4 Inch Tubing Black Plastic - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9PXP
Model: BC25-10PK
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Tubing Plug 1/4 Inch Black Plastic - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9PXQ
Model: TP25-10PK
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Tubing Stake 1/4 Inch Black Plastic - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9PXR
Model: TS25-10PK
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Coupling 1/2 Inch Tubing Brown Plastic - Pack Of 4
Item: AB9PXT
Model: BC50-4PK
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Tee 1/2 Inch Tubing Brown Plastic - Pack Of 4
Item: AB9PXU
Model: BT50-4PK
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Irrigation and Sprinkler Timers

Indoor / outdoor sprinkler timers with variable watering times for each area, providing greener results with lesser water. Operate at 120 VAC and feature automatic reset rain delay command which suspends watering during rains. Hose end timers also available

Irrigation/sprinkler Timer 9 Zone 7 Day
Item: AD8GPR
Model: SST900I
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Electronic Hose End Timer, 2 Max On / Off Cycles, 8 In Height
Item: AC7VFG
Model: 1ZEHTMR
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Sprinkler Accessories

Includes impact wrenches to remove sprinkler's internal assembly and spray head pull-up tools for easy replacement of nozzles. Diaphragm / solenoid replacement kits and cut-off risers also available

  • Sprinkler Accessories
  • Sprinkler Accessories
  • Sprinkler Accessories
  • Sprinkler Accessories+2
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Sprinkler Heads

Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) shrub nozzles with a 1/2-inch FNPT connection to provide 90-, 180- and 360-degree spray patterns up to 15 feet. Feature non-corrosive plastic and stainless-steel construction for longer life and captured screw slot to prevent screwdriver slippage during adjustment

Sprinkler Valves

Adjustable flow anti-siphon, straight control & filter drain valves with reverse-flow design to keep the valve closed in case of internal diaphragm failure. Feature external bleed to remove dirt / debris & Buna-N diaphragm with a self-cleaning pilot water filter

Valve Antisiphon

Valve Antisiphon

Item (2)
Valve Inline 3/4 In
Item: AE7KXE
Model: CP075
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Valve Inline 1 In
Item: AE7KXF
Model: CP100
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Valve Drain 1/2 In
Item: AE7KXG
Model: 16A-FDV-C1
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Underground Sprinkler Head Nozzles

Colour-coded nozzle sprinklers for easy identification of various spray patterns & radii; provide an equal amount of water at distances up to 15 feet. Exhibit flow rates up to 8.4 gpm and are available in various patterns with pressure ratings up to 65 psi

Spray Head Nozzle 0.89 To 1.21 Gpm Pvc
Item: AB4JTZ
Model: 15SSTC1
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Spray Head Nozzle Set 0.5 To 4.6 Gpm
Item: AB4JTP
Model: 32SANZLPK
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Spray Head Nozzle Set 0.7 To 8.4 Gpm
Item: AB4JTQ
Model: 4252NZLPK
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Spray Head Nozzle 0.65 To 3.7 Gpm Pvc
Item: AB4JTU
Model: 15APC1
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Spray Head Nozzle 1.8 To 2.6 Gpm Pvc
Item: AB4JTV
Model: 15FC1
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Spray Head Nozzle 1.3 To 1.85 Gpm Pvc
Item: AB4JTW
Model: 15HC1
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Spray Head Nozzle 0.65 To 0.92 Gpm Pvc
Item: AB4JTX
Model: 15QC1
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Spray Head Nozzle Pvc 0.89 To 1.21 Gpm
Item: AB4JTY
Model: 15CSTC1
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About the Brand

Rain Bird Corporation offers high-quality irrigation products and services for applications in sports arenas, farms, golf courses and commercial developments. The extensive product catalogue of Rain Bird incorporates more than 4000 water-saving products, including irrigation sprinklers, sprinkler valves, driplines, timers / controllers, pumps and replacement parts.The brand's professional grade anti-siphon valves are ideal for above-ground applications. These energy-efficient sprinkler valves from Rain Bird have a unique reverse-flow design that helps prevent flooding in case of diaphragm failure and keep the valve closed. These valves also come equipped with an external bleed screw to manually flush the dust and debris after installation and before start-up. The company also provides a broad range of polyethylene blank tubing suitable for use with spot-watering emitters, micro-bubblers, misters and sprays. The rugged and flexible Rain Bird tubings are resistant to chemicals, algae and ultraviolet rays. The unique micro-porous design of these units helps in creating a leak-tight connection, and it can withstand a maximum pressure of 60 psi. Choose from a wide range of Rain Bird valves and tubing from Raptor Supplies.