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HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

HVAC ControlsView all

  • Duct Pressure Switches

    Universal air pressure sensing switches ideal for use with conditioned air filters, refrigeration coils or gas-fired units. Feature field-adjustable set points ranging from 0.10 to 10 in W.C. and a snap-acting switch with 3 male, 90-deg quick-connect terminals

  • Electric Appliance Controls

    Electric cooking control / round indicator lights ideal for use with appliances requiring temperature protection, such as kitchen stoves, induction cookers and water heaters. Feature a manual reset and automatic operation combination facility to suit different duty requirements. Can handle temperatures up to 600 degrees F

  • Furnace Ignitors Controls

    Ignition controls featuring flame rectification with solid-state logic & flame sensing to ensure proper working of an intermittent pilot ignition device. Compatible with liquefied petroleum and natural gas, and can withstand burner firing rates up to 320000 BtuH

  • Gas Appliance Controls

    Includes replacement accessories such as hot-surface oven igniters, solenoid valves, incinerator pilots & thermostat kits for griddles / ovens and spark-ignition modules; suitable for use with Robertshaw BJ, BJWA & Jade range thermostats

  • Gas Valves

    LP / NG gas valves designed for controlling the flow of gases, like oxygen, liquefied petroleum and natural gas. Available in combination; fast, slow & standard opening; and low-capacity valve configurations and inlet sizes ranging from 1/2 to 1 inch

  • Pilot and Ignition Components
  • Thermostat Accessories

About the Brand

Robertshaw manufactures multi-purpose controls for applications in washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, ice makers and storage water heaters. These controls are manufactured in compliance with UL, ISO, EN and CSA standards. The extensive Robertshaw catalogue includes pilot and ignition components, vibration sensors, Class 2 transformers and related accessories for applications in HVAC / R and transportation industries. Robertshaw thermostat accessories like fireplace remote controls and temperature dials are an ideal choice for upgrading decorative gas fireplaces. Choose from a wide range of Robertshaw's furnace ignition and gas water heater controls and Class 2 transformers on Raptor Supplies.

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