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Edge and Corner Protectors

Includes plastic edge protectors designed to prevent strapping from damaging products. Offered in packs of 2000

Edge Protector - Pack Of 2000
Item: AE2YZB
Model: PL-1
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Manual Strapping Sealers and Tensioners

Feedwheel and windlass steel / plastic strapping tensioners used to bring strap to desired tension with minimal interruption and strap waste. Manual sealers to lock plastic or steel strap ends into a high-strength joint also available

Plastic Strapping Sealer 1/2 Inch Width
Item: AC8GHU
Model: D-504
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Packaging and Shipping Accessories

Pallet weasels used to help feed strap quickly through pallet voids while manually strapping loads. Can be easily fastened to any 3/4 inch broom handle and are compatible with polypropylene, polyester and steel strapping

Pallet Weasel

Pallet Weasel

Item: AA8YHX
Model: 500089
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Plastic Strapping

Plastic strappings and strapping kits designed for use with strapping machines for industrial crate and box packaging operations in warehousing and distribution centres. Selected models feature polypropylene construction with embossed finish for resisting breakage and wear. Rolls offered in up to 30000 feet length variants

Strapping Kit Plastic 250 Feet Length
Item: AE2YZA
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  • Plastic Strapping
  • Plastic Strapping
  • Plastic Strapping
  • Plastic Strapping+6
Item (9)
Strapping Kit Plastic 2500 feet Length
Item: AH9JUP
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Pneumatic Strapping Sealers and Tensioners

Pneumatic strapping sealers, combination tools and strapping tensioners ideal for strapping tensioning, sealing and cutting operations; suitable for medium- to high-volume strapping. Selected models feature single-lever tensioning operation for user comfort. Available in polyester and steel variants

Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner 19 To 32mm
Item: AD3ARJ
Model: PN2-114
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Steel Strapping

Designed for use with strapping machines in manufacturing, production lines and warehousing. Heat-treated high carbon steel construction offers high tensile strength and resists breakage, even with extremely heavy loads. Available in 2.5 and 26.5 inch coil width variants

  • Steel Strapping
  • Steel Strapping
  • Steel Strapping
Item (12)

Strapping Cutters

Two-handed strapping cutters best suited for medium- to heavy-duty strapping operations in metalworking and packaging applications. Plastic handle covering for user comfort & protection against electrical hazards and black oxide finish for long-term & durable operation

Steel Strapping Cutter Strap Width 2 In
Item: AA8YHV
Model: 005740
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Strapping Dispensers

Suitable for holding heavy strapping coils for dispensing in production lines, outdoor lumber yards and warehousing applications. Fixed large wheels offer job-site portability and brakes eliminate unwanted roll turning and unwinding. Available in 16, 25, 28 and 28.5 inch length variants 

Strapping Machines

Semi-automatic strapping machines suitable for tensioning and heat-sealing plastic strappings in loading docks and fulfilment centres. Rugged caster wheels for easy transportation and job-site portability. Available in 30.25 and 37.5 inch height variants

Strapping Seals and Buckles

Open flange seals suitable for securing steel strappings around pallets, boxes and flat surfaces in construction, transportation and manufacturing applications. Steel construction for eliminating accidental breakage and damage. Available in open, snap-on grit and push-type seal variants

  • Strapping Seal
  • Strapping Seal
  • Strapping Seal
  • Strapping Seal+8
Item (11)

Strapping Tool Kits

Designed for strapping boxes, bundles and pallets in loading docks, supply, shipping and production applications. Cart with dual fixed wheels for complete job-site portability and resting stand for ensuring stability during operation. Available in 1/2, 3/4, 5/8 and 1.25 inch strapping width variants

Strapping Tool Kit, Steel, 3/4 Inch Width
Item: CD3UUY
Model: 426486A
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Strapping Tool Kit, Steel, 3/4 Inch W
Item: CD3HPE
Model: 426485A
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Strapping Tool Kit, Steel, 5/8 Inch W
Item: CD3HPD
Model: 426484A
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Strapping Tool Kit, Steel, 5/8 Inch W
Item: CD3FRY
Model: 426489A
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Strapping Tool Kit, Steel, 1/2 Inch W
Item: CD3FRX
Model: 426488A
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Strapping Tool Kit, Steel, 1/2 Inch W
Item: CD3FRW
Model: 426483A
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Strapping Kit Steel
Item: AE7YQU
Model: 426487
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About the Brand

Signode Packaging Systems is a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment, consumables and tools. The company's line of products includes steel and plastic straps, strapping cutters, seals, buckles, machines, sealers, tensioners and dispensers. Table-top strapping machines frrom Signode are designed to simplify strapping of bundles, cartons and coiled products. These semi-automatic strapping machines feature sensor-controlled heat sealing mechanism for high-efficiency seals, cam-operated feeding mechanism for easy operation and four locking casters for easy movement. The integrated strapping guides can adjust strap sizes ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 inches.
The company also offers a broad range of steel strappings designed to provide strong hold and improve tension around heavy loads, such as bricks, pavers, concrete blocks, sewer pipes, steel coils and metal bundles. These cold-rolled Signode steel strappings comply with ASTM standards and have a maximum breaking strength of 3400 lb.