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EFX350.000.0000EFX275.500.0000ELS73275-MKHRoyal 111-1.28EBV89AMEBV200ASloan 111 DFB SMOSloan 110 DFB SMOSloan 186-1 DFB SMOSloan 186 DFB SMOETF-608-AETF-578-A



Miscellaneous Products


Plumbing Filter


Includes vandal-resistant aerators and spray heads used to replace faucet aerators on many Sloan faucets

Aerator Metric Chrome 2.2 Gpm
Item: AC8XTA
Model: EAF-10
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Aerator Vandal Resistant Male 2.2 Gpm
Item: AC8XUB
Model: ETF-1024-A
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Aerator Vandal Resistant Female 1.5 Gpm
Item: AC8XUC
Model: ETF-1028-A
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Aerator Lam.vandal Resistant Male 2.2 Gpm
Item: AC8XUD
Model: ETF-1029-A
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Aerator Vandal Resistant Chrome 2.2 Gpm
Item: AC8XVB
Model: SFP-24
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Automatic Flush Valve Retrofit Kits

Used to retrofit the flushing system of toilets so that they can flush automatically. Available in side-mounted and top-mounted variants

  • Retrofit Kit
  • Retrofit Kit
Item (2)
Retrofit Kit Toilet Top Mount 1.6 Gpf
Item: AD2VFQ
Model: RESS-C
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Retrofit Kit Urinal Top Mount 1 Gpf
Item: AD2VFR
Model: G2 RESS-U
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Single-flush Side Mount
Item: AF6QVJ
Model: EBV-500-A
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Dual-flush Side Mount
Item: AF6QVK
Model: EBV-550-A
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Automatic Flush Valves

ADA-compliant valves with battery-operated infrared sensor offering hands-free operation for hygiene and safety

Bathroom Faucets

Sensor-operated zinc and die cast faucets with option in standard, surgical bend and swivel spout. Available in flow rates ranging from 0.5 gpm to 2.2 gpm

Zinc Die Cast Bathroom Faucet, Sensor Handle Type
Item: CD2KPW
Model: EFX350.000.0000
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Bathroom Faucet, Sensor Handle Type
Item: CD3TGH
Model: EFX275.500.0000
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Gooseneck Faucet Sensor Bras Swivel Deck
Item: AE6RWC
Model: SF2200-4
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Gooseneck Faucet 3/8 Inch Compresion Deck
Item: AE7AUD
Model: SF2250-4
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Gooseneck Faucet Sensor 2.2 Gpm
Item: AE7HLW
Model: ETF500-P
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Lavatory Faucet Hands Free Battery
Item: AG6ZPQ
Model: EFX 250.502.0000
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Bathroom Sinks

Undermount, drop-in and wall-hung sinks in composite and vitreous China materials. Available in different colours and shapes

Bathroom Sink System 76 Inch Length 21 Inch Width
Item: AA4PPC
Model: ELS73275-MKH
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Bedpan Washers

Includes diaphragm-type water closet flushometers featuring one-piece chrome-plated body that keeps the spray arm upright and prevents water from spilling on the floor

Bedpan Washer Retrofit Kit
Item: AC8XRZ
Model: DV130
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Bedpan Washer Retrofit Kit
Item: AD8RBH
Model: DV100
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Faucet Repair Parts

Includes trim plates, sensor assemblies, adapters, transformers and other faucet repair parts used to replace damaged and faulty faucets

Trim Plate Single Hole Faucet Chrome
Item: AC3AFN
Model: ETF-608-A
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Trim Plate Triple Hole Faucet Chrome
Item: AC3AFP
Model: ETF-578-A
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Replacement Battery For 2xu46 2nyd3
Item: AC8XTB
Model: EAF-1003
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Sensor Assembly For 2xu46 2nyd3
Item: AC8XTD
Model: EAF-14-A
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Throat Plate Assembly For 6na97
Item: AC8XTE
Model: EAF-3-A
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Fiber Optic Sensor Assembly For 4lw54
Item: AC8XTF
Model: EBF-1009-A
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Faucet And Sensor Assembly For 4lw54
Item: AC8XTG
Model: EBF-10-A
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About the Brand

Since 1906, Sloan Valve company has been a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems for applications in construction sites or municipal water distribution facilities. The brand manufactures an extensive line of products, such as automatic flush valves, bedpan washers, bathroom faucets, bathroom sinks, aerators and bedpan washers. Sloan manual flush valves are highly durable valves integrated with high-copper, low-zinc brass castings for providing resistance against dezincification. These valves further come with ADA-compliant, non-hold-open handles which prevent the urinals from exceeding the intended flush volume with a low consumption flush accuracy controlled by patented Para-Flo technology. Choose from a broad range of these Sloan flush valve parts and other brand products, like counter mixers, adapter modules and handle kits on Raptor Supplies.