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Test Instruments


HVAC and Refrigeration


Plumbing Filter

Black Pipe Fittings

Includes drip-pan elbows designed to collect and drain condensate from the steam riser pipes of radiators. Can be used with FNPT pipes of sizes ranging from 1 to 4 inches

Drip Pan Elbow
Item (8)

Pneumatic Globe Control Valves

Spring-return valves suitable for use in bottle-washing machineries, plating tanks & induction furnaces. Feature a high-thrust, compact actuator to positively position plug in response to the control signal and a bolted diaphragm joint for high-pressure tightness

Pressure Regulators

Direct-acting and pilot-operated regulators ideal for use in district heating systems and single- / parallel-stage reduction stations to control pressure within the 3 - 150 psi range. Feature packless construction to eliminate leakage and stem wear and diaphragm-loaded steam passages for easy inspection

Relief Valves

Bronze / cast-iron relief valves used to protect plumbing components from excessive steam, air gas, vapour, liquid or powdered-solid pressures (max 150 psi). Feature a dual blow-down ring for better pop & blow-down adjustment and a semi nozzle to provide optimum flow performance

Safety Relief Valve 1 x 1-1/4 Inch 150 Psi
Item: AB3FMP
Model: 041AFEA-150
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Vent Valves

304 SS automatic vent valves designed for eliminating pockets of air from steam and water distribution systems. Can withstand temperatures between 33 and 240 deg F

Automatic Vent Valve Air 3/4
Item: AC8WUL
Model: NAV-213
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About the Brand

Spence Engineering Company, Inc. manufactures high-quality steam speciality and fluid control products and solutions for HVAC and industrial marketplaces. The company's line of products includes control valves, direct-operated valves, regulators, safety relief valves, strainers, piping specialities, noise suppressors, insulating jackets and desuperheaters. The ED Series pressure regulators from Spence are widely used in single-stage, two-stage and parallel reduction stations; steam distribution systems (for pressure regulation) and district heating systems. Spence control valve is mainly designed to provide great flow capacity and high pressure control. It is offered in cast iron, stainless steel and bronze and is ideal for applications in HVAC systems, heating ducts, heat exchangers, induction furnaces and plating tanks.