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Outdoor Equipment


Pneumatics Filter


Comprises high-quality fuel / air / oil filters, bump feed heads, edger / lawn mower blades, closed spoons, engine stop switches, gas / fuel caps, kill-button switches, interlock switches and spec belts

Lawn Mower Blade 18 Inch
Item: AA3QYY
Model: 310052
€32.77 /unit
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Lawn Mower Blade 16 Inch
Item: AA3QYZ
Model: 330-266
€21.76 /unit
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Lawn Mower Blade 21 Inch
Item: AA3QZW
Model: 340099
€31.74 /unit
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Lawn Mower Blade 21-5/8 Inch
Item: AA3RAC
Model: 345037
€31.63 /unit
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Lawn Mower Blade 20-7/8 Inch
Item: AA3RAF
Model: 345203
€31.44 /unit
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Lawn Mower Blade 21 Inch
Item: AA3RAG
Model: 345397
€31.40 /unit
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Mulching Blade 17-15/16 Inch
Item: AA3RAW
Model: 355079
€32.14 /unit
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Mulching Blade 18 Inch
Item: AA3RBB
Model: 355275
€37.48 /unit
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Closed Spoon
Item: AA3RBL
Model: 373017
€17.35 /unit
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Edger Blade 9 Inch
Item: AA3RBT
Model: 375287
€8.74 /unit
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Edger Blade 8 5/8 Inch
Item: AA3RCA
Model: 375444
€18.82 /unit
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Star Edger Blade 8 Inch Diameter
Item: AA3RCD
Model: 375525
€34.73 /unit
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Edger Blade 7 3/4 Inch
Item: AA3RCE
Model: 375661
€25.42 /unit
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Heavy-duty Twist Feed Head
Item: AA3RCY
Model: 385407
€69.60 /unit
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Bump Feed Trimmer Head
Item: AA3RCZ
Model: 385154
€80.48 /unit
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Bump Feed Head
Item: AA3RDA
Model: 385435
€79.58 /unit
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Starter Key For Indak Switches - Pack Of 2
Item: AA3RDB
Model: 430009
€20.68 /unit
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Toggle Switch
Item: AA3RDD
Model: 430017
€25.23 /unit
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Starter Switch
Item: AA3VZZ
Model: 430249
€43.13 /unit
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Relay Assembly
Item: AA3WAA
Model: 430300
€40.35 /unit
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  • PTO Switches
  • PTO Switches
  • PTO Switches
Item (3)
Snowthrower Starter Key
Item: AA3WAJ
Model: 430492
€23.76 /unit
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Kill Button Switch
Item: AA3WAK
Model: 430500
€32.84 /unit
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Starter Key Shop Pack
Item: AA3WAT
Model: 430670
€59.10 /unit
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About Stens

Stens is a popular aftermarket replacement parts manufacturer. Its product line comprises trimmer lines, filters, engine tune-up kits and lawn mower accessories. Stens' filters, including pre-filters and main line filters, are used for oil and air filtering purposes. These are made up of metal and plastic with mulching and notched blade types. The trimmer line from Stens comes in the length and diameter range of 113-1155 ft. and 0.065-0.105 inch, respectively, to give a clean and effective cut. Choose from a wide range of Stens' lawn mower accessories, such as safety switch and seat switch, and other aftermarket products on Raptor Supplies.