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Material Handling


Safety Filter

Barricade Lights

Safety Cone Led Flashing Red Plastic
Item: AD2VEK
Model: 3393-00002
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Floor Sign Accessories

Side Mounting Hardware Ss/metal Silver - Pack Of 2
Item: AD3FPU
Model: 373-00693
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Portable Base Concrete Gray
Item: AF4ZDK
Model: 373-00889
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Outdoor LED Message Displays

Pavement Markers and Pavement Marking Tape

Adhesive Pad Black 4 x 4 - Pack Of 100
Item: AC7CUF
Model: 102182BXK
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Property and Driveway Markers

Reflective Hydrant Collar Fiberglass
Item: AJ2GTT
Model: 2673-00009
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Sign Post Accessories

Sign Mounting Hardware Fence - Pack Of 2
Item: AD2HHN
Model: 373-00492
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Replacement Wedge
Item: AD2HTJ
Model: 034-00004
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Wing Bracket
Item: AD2HUF
Model: 037-00007
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Installation Tool Street Sign Brackets
Item: AD2HUL
Model: 037-00080
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Drive Cap Use With 2 Lb. U-channel Posts
Item: AD2HUV
Model: 037-00066
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Sign Backing Use With U-channel Posts
Item: AD2HVD
Model: 037-00107
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  • Sign Base
  • Sign Base
  • Sign Base

Sign Base

Item (3)
Sign Hardware Steel
Item: AE2THP
Model: 180-00004
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  • Pole and Sign Top
  • Pole and Sign Top
  • Pole and Sign Top
  • Pole and Sign Top+12
Item (15)

Sign Posts


About the Brand

Tapco has been offering a wide range of traffic and parking safety products for more than 55 years. The company's product range includes warning systems, parking and security systems, custom signs, traffic signals and related accessories. The Tapco sign base is made up of aluminium and available in black and silver. A wide range of Tapco products, such as sign posts, LED traffic signs and traffic barricades, can be purchased through Raptor Supplies.