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Drill Bit Sharpeners

Drill Bit Sharpener Dia/capacity 3-22mm
Item: AE8NXT
Model: TOR-DBS22
€469.50 /unit
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About Tormek

Tormek manufactures premium grade sharpening tools used by carpenters, cabinet makers, woodturners & woodcarvers, as well as in restaurant, industrial kitchen and household applications. The Tormek catalogue includes grinding jigs, grinding wheels, sharpening stations, honing wheels and knife holders. The brand's grindstones are used for efficient steel removal or fine surface finishing and feature a unique combination of the stone & the Stone Grader SP-650 to provide two different cutting actions in a single stone. The Stone Grader polishes the grindstone from the normal 220 grit to a surface which acts like a 100 gritstone. These grindstones can cut carbon steel to high-speed steel tools and allow fine sharpening with the same setting of the jig that was used for initial shaping of the tool. Tormek drill bit sharpeners are used to precisely sharpen drill bits ranging from 3 to 22 mm in size. These bits feature a 4-facet point that enhances cutting performance by allowing the chisel edge to get a point rather than being flat as on other drills. These drill bit sharpeners generate less heat, providing added durability. Choose from a wide range of grindstones, drill bit sharpeners, reference books, water troughs, profiled leather honing wheels and stone graders on Raptor Supplies.