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Moisture Meter Accessories

Hand Probe With 5/8 Pins
Item: AD3FRW
Model: HH14TP30
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Hammer Electrode/cable/pins
Item: AD3FRY
Model: HA21SP52
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Insulated Electrode 7in
Item: AD3FTB
Model: SP200
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Insulated Electrode 3in
Item: AD3FTD
Model: SP90
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Pins Electrode Cmpct/profess - Pack Of 10
Item: AD3FTF
Model: TP20
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Replacement Pins 1.5 Inch For M287 - Pack Of 10
Item: AD3FTK
Model: SP52
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Moisture Meters

Moisture Content Meter for Concrete, Analog Display, 9 V
Item: AD2BNA
Model: CME 4
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Pinless Moisture Meter
Item: AD2BND
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Roof And Wall Moisture Scanner
Item: AD2BNG
Model: RWS
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About the Brand

Since 1974, Tramex has been providing high-quality testing equipment ideal for flooring and water damage restoration applications, as well as for checking indoor air quality. Its extensive product line includes humidity data probes, thermometers, scanners, feedback dataloggers and restoration & inspection kits. Tramex electronic concrete moisture meters are powered by a 9 V battery for testing the moisture content (max 6 percent) in concrete, floor slabs and screeds. These meters have a clear analogue dial for instantly displaying the readings and a hold button to freeze the results. The brand’s roof and wall scanners are designed as per ASTM D7954 standards for non-destructive evaluation of moisture conditions and tracing leakages in the roofing and in-wall systems. These easy-to-operate meters feature multi-mode functions (roofing / foam roof insulation mode) that allow the users to select between depth penetration and sensitivity mode. Choose from a wide range of these Tramex moisture meters, marine survey kits and related accessories, such as hammer electrodes, insulated and non-insulated pins, hand probes and calibration checks, on Raptor Supplies.