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Hand Tools




Cleaning Filter

Buckets and Pails

SmartColor side buckets featuring integrated bracket snaps to attach to the side of 15 / 30 litre dual-compartment buckets for storing additional tools. Separate lids for 6-gallon buckets also available

Window Squeegee Bucket Lid
Item: AF4NTH
Model: QB080
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Smart Mop Side Bucket 8 Gallon Gray Pp
Item: AF4TJQ
Model: SMSBG
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Cleaning Supplies Holders

All-purpose tool holders featuring an easy snap-in mechanism with rubber grips to tightly hold & quickly release tools up to 1-1/4 in (O.D). Mop holders (16 ft) with a pivoting, low-profile head also available

Mop Holder 16 Inch Gray
Item: AC2ULU
Model: SM40G
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Dust Mop Kits

Microfibre desk and table cleaning kits comprising a 30 L dual-compartment bucket, an EZ flat-mop holder, a 2-ft-long Henry's Handi handle and two microfibre mops for use in workspaces to minimise the occurrences of infectious disease

Desk And Table Cleaning Kit Microfiber
Item: AE8KXN
Model: CK047
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Dust Mops

Replacement duster sleeves suitable for use with Pro Dusters and lambswool dusters to trap and retain dust. Come in packs of 10

Disposable Replacement Sleeve - Pack Of 10
Item: AC9XVF
Model: DS10Y
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Dust Pans

Ergonomic Dustpan Telescopic
Item: AB7XKF
Model: EDTBG
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Duster Refills and Mitts

Duster Sleeve White Microfiber - Pack Of 5
Item: AD7WCY
Model: PM05W
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Duster Slv White Non-woven Polypropylene - Pack Of 50
Item: AE3KVL
Model: DS50Y
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Handled Dusters

  • Duster
  • Duster
  • Duster
  • Duster


Item (4)
Duster Sleeve 30 Inch Microfiber
Item: AB7XKG
Model: PXD7G
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Brush Duster
Item: AD2TMN
Model: WALB0
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Bendable Head Duster 15 Inch Lambswool
Item: AE3KVH
Model: LWDU0
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Extendable Duster 30 Inch To 60 Inch Lambswool
Item: AE3KVJ
Model: LWDUR
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Curved Head Pipe Brush 11in
Item: AE3KVM
Model: PIPE0
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Ceiling Fan Duster 13 Inch Microfiber
Item: AE3KVN
Model: CEDUG
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Microfiber Washer Strip 18 Inch
Item: AF3QZD
Model: NC450
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Microfiber Washer Strip 14 Inch
Item: AF6ADR
Model: NC350
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Handles Frames and Braces

Water Flow Pole 48 In
Item: AA6BPJ
Model: 16971
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Handle Polypropylene Aluminium 50 To 96 Inch Length
Item: AC2ULT
Model: EZ25G
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Squeegee Handle Aluminium Silver/green 58 Inch Length
Item: AF4JMN
Model: AL14A
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Mop Bucket and Wringer Combinations

Mop Dual Bucket with Side Wringer 4 gallon
Item: AG9EUM
Model: COMSR
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Mop Dual Bucket with Side Wringer 4 gallon
Item: AG9EUN
Model: COMSG
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Mop Buckets

Bucket 6 Gallon Green Polyethylene
Item: AD2TMP
Model: QB220
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Reusable Litter Collection Bags

Leaf/litter Bag Collapsible 40 G Green
Item: AE3KVQ
Model: NB300
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Spray Bottles and Trigger Sprays

Preprinted Trigger Spray Bottle 33oz Grey/white/clear
Item: AC3CXL
Model: SOABG
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Squeegee Handles

Squeegee Handle Green
Item: AC3CXD
Model: LS000
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Squeegee Handle Black/green
Item: AC3CXE
Model: LA000
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Squeegee Replacement Blades and Refills

Replacement Blade 1-1/2 Inch Length - Pack Of 100
Item: AC3CWZ
Model: SRB10
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4 Inch Replacement Blades Stainless Steel
Item: AH6EDK
Model: RB100
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Floor Squeegee Kit Black 2 Inch Length Rubber
Item: AE8KXF
Model: HM30K
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About the Brand

Since 1964, Unger has been manufacturing high-quality cleaning products for both commercial and industrial applications. Unger offers products like window cleaning equipment, squeegees, dusters, dust pans, lamp changers, buckets and pails, spatulas, scrapers, spray bottles and toilet brushes. Unger squeegees feature a TriLoc locking mechanism for quick and easy channel change and a comfortable handle (with a swivelling option on selected models), which make these ideal for use on windows, floors or griddles. The brand's dusters provide the flexibility of both hand-held and telescopic-pole attachments for cleaning shelves, ceiling-fan blades and other flat surfaces. Unger dusters are available in galvanised wire with horse hair, lambswool, microfibre and polyfibre head-material variants. A wide variety of these cleaning products and related accessories, like refills, replacement blades and swab heads, can be purchased from Raptor Supplies.