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Electric Winches

Motorized pulling machines for moving heavy loads or towing vehicles with less effort than manual winches; used in construction, pipe fitting, iron work, equipment / plant maintenance, auto shops, garages and machine shops

Portable Electric Winch Hp 24vdc
Item: AE8KLF
Model: 885005
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Hydraulic Winches

Ideal for tow, utility and trailer applications with pulling capacities up to 12000 lb. Two-stage planetary geartrain provides faster line speeds and heavy-duty automatic disc brake provides reliable performance

Winch Accessories

Includes accessory kits, multi-mount carriers, flatbed mounting plates, quick-connect power cables and rope tension kits for repairing old and worn-out parts of winches and for mounting them on various surfaces

Wire Rope Tension Kit For
Item: AC9UMX
Model: 31149
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Winch Accessory Kit Medium
Item: AF7CUV
Model: 88900
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Multi-mount Carrier Capacity 9500 Lb
Item: AA4LVY
Model: 26370
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Heavy Duty Accessory Kit For Winches
Item: AA8BFM
Model: 29460
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Quick-connect Power Cable Rear
Item: AA4LWC
Model: 32963
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Quick-connect Booster Cable
Item: AA4LWB
Model: 26769
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Quick-connect Power Cable Front
Item: AA4LWA
Model: 26405
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Universal Flatbed Carrier Capacity 9500 Lb
Item: AA4LVZ
Model: 13942
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Winch Remote Control Switches

Allows controlling your winch from areas within a determined radius. Compatible with all Warn truck and SUV self-recovery winches with a 5-wire control pack or contactor with a durable key fob for convenient storage

Wireless Remote Control 2 Functions
Item: AF8YJT
Model: 90287
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About the Brand

WARN is a leading manufacturer of electric and hydraulic winches, remote control switches and related accessories. The NFPA-compliant electric winches by WARN feature heavy-duty 12- / 24V series-wound industrial motors and hardened steel, three-stage planetary gear trains for efficiently pulling loads horizontally or lifting and lowering them vertically using a wire rope wound around a rotating drum. The company also offers SAE J706 hydraulic winches for use in pulling heavier equipment or large objects for a long period of time. These winches feature a positive locking clutch to prevent the winch from shifting out of gear and have a maximum load capacity of 12000 lb. The ergonomically designed wireless winch remotes from WARN feature a shock-resistant transmitter to control the winch within a 50-ft range from a vehicle. These winch remotes are offered in utility, motorcycle or ATV and truck versions. Choose from a wide range of WARN winches and winch remotes on Raptor Supplies.