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Pressure and Temperature Control ValvesView all

  • Boiler Drain Valves

    Quarter-turn boiler drains featuring a forged-brass body with adjustable Teflon stem packing and an aluminium tee handle with positive shut-off. Can be used with 1/2- or 3/4-inch pipes in hydronic heating systems

  • Boiler Feed Valves

    Water pressure regulators designed to fill boilers and piping systems with water and maintain continuous pressure. Available in dual-FNPT and FNPT-union ports, with selected models equipped with in-built backflow preventers.

  • Bypass Valves

    Poppet-type relief valves used to protect plumbing equipment by allowing excess fluid to be by-passed back to the source. Feature a tee handle to facilitate pressure change and Teflon disc for maintaining positive shut-off. Can handle a maximum pressure of 250 psi

  • Mixing Valves

    Used with water heaters to mix hot and cold water for a safer outlet temperature and to prevent scalding & thermal shock. Follow ASSE and CSA standards and have a maximum flow rate of 23 gpm

  • Pressure Reducing Automatic Control Valves

    Ductile-iron control valves featuring throttles to automatically reduce high upstream pressure to a constant low downstream pressure. Available in threaded / flanged / flanged x joint connection types and 250 / 400 psi operating pressure variants

  • Pressure Regulators

    Used to reduce the inlet pressure of the fluid to a predetermined value, protect the downstream plumbing components and reduce water consumption. Steam and water pressure regulators also available in different connection types and body materials

  • Relief Valves

    ASME complaint safety, vacuum relief and steam safety relief valves featuring a stainless-steel spring to control the opening / closing of the seal whenever the spring force exceeds a preset value, and then discharging fluid at the outlet

  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves

    ASME and ANSI approved relief valves to protect water heaters and hot-water storage tanks from high temperature (max. 250 degrees F) and pressure (max. 150 psi) levels. Available in bronze, lead-free brass & lead-free copper silicon alloy material

  • Vent Valves

    Provide automatic air venting in cold / hot water distribution and steam systems. Feature brass construction to provide excellent finishing and corrosion resistance. Can withstand pressures up to 150 psi and offered in 1/8, 1/4 & 3/4 inlet size options

  • Water Pressure Reducing Valves

    ANSI approved valves used to maintain a preset inlet pressure to prevent damage to the piping systems from excessive water / steam pressure. Intended for both domestic and industrial applications in oil lines, autoclaves and single radiators

Check Valves and Backflow PreventersView all

  • Backflow Preventer Accessories

    Includes adapters, cap tethers, caps, air gaps and test cocks for easy installation and maintenance of backflow preventer valves. Available in MNPT, NPT and SAE connection ports

  • Backflow Preventer Repair Kits

    Includes repair kits for backflow preventer valves, first and second check valves, relief valves and test cocks. Used for repair and maintenance of backflow prevention systems

  • Backflow Preventer Test Kits

    3- / 5-valve test kits designed to check reduced-pressure-zone backflow prevention assemblies and pressure- / spill-resistant vacuum breakers. Can measure pressures up to 200 psi

  • Backflow Preventers

    Designed to prevent potable water contamination from the reverse flow of polluted water. Capable of bearing up to 180 psi pressures and have a maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees F

  • Check and Foot Valves

    Includes single- and dual-check valves used for preventing the reverse flow of hot or cold polluted water from entering into the potable water supply. Available in 316 stainless steel / brass / bronze / polysulfone material options

  • Flow Control Check Valves

    Hydronic, universal flow check valves used to provide positive shutoff when circulator is not running and prevent the flow of water to radiation units. Can be easily opened for gravity circulation

  • Vacuum Breakers

    Designed for use with irrigation systems, firelines and industrial process water systems to prevent backsiphonage of contaminants into potable water supply. Can bear pressures up to 150 psi and are offered in GHT, NPT, FIP and FNPT connection types

Float Valves and AccessoriesView all

  • Float Balls

    Round- / oblong-shaped float balls used to activate water transfer pumps in open-water tanks or sump pits. Made of plastic / polyethylene / copper and available in float diameters up to 12 inches

  • Float Rods Adapters and Nuzzle Assemblies

    Installation and replacement accessories, such as float rods, adaptors and stem & chain assemblies for use with valves in plumbing systems

  • Float Valve Accessories

    Includes brass / plastic garden hose adapters, nozzle & arm assemblies and universal tank adapters for use with float valves. Available in FNPT x MNPT and GHT x MNPT connection types

  • Float Valves

    Heavy-duty mechanical valves for controlling high capacity water flow in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. Can be tank- or wall-mounted and are available in bulkhead / FNPT / MNPT connection types

  • Float Valves With Float

    Heavy-duty float valves suitable for use with evaporative coolers, refrigerators & automatic livestock watering kits. Can handle a maximum pressure of 100 psi

Pipe Fittings and CouplingsView all

  • Dielectric Unions

    Used with water heaters for separating two metal pipes of different materials and to prevent galvanic corrosion. Available in different connection types

  • Pipe Manifolds

    Easy-to-assemble flowmeter manifolds featuring a modular, singular & flexible design ideal for heating fan coils and hydronic floors, as well as controlling baseboard temperatures. Can connect without the need for additional sealants. Offered in 2, 3 and 4 branch options

  • Water Hammer Arrestors

    Stainless steel / copper / low-lead copper hammer arrestors used with piping systems to absorb shocks caused by a sudden change in flow velocity. Feature a permanent pre-charged sealed air chamber and capable of bearing pressures up to 60 psi

Shut-Off ValvesView all

  • Instrumentation Manifold Valves

    Stainless-steel manifold accessory kits comprising a vent & purge assembly, a manifold end cap and isolation ball valves with temperature gauges (32 - 167 deg F). Ideal for balancing flows, detecting air-locked circuits and measuring zone temperature drops

  • Water Supply Stops

    Used to shut off the water supply to toilets, faucets, washing machines, ice makers and dishwashers. Capable of withstanding pressures and temperatures up to 250 psi and 180 degrees F, respectively. Offered in 3/8, 3/4 & 1/2 inch inlet size options

Water HeatersView all

  • Water Detectors

    FloodSafe water detectors designed with a shutoff facility to prevent water heater leaks and water losses. Selected models come with a battery backup for maintaining the normal functioning up to three days, in case of a power failure. Offered in 3/4 & 1 inch sizes

  • Water Gas Connection Kits

    Lead-free valve sets used to simplify the maintenance, installation and operation of tankless water heaters. Feature a copper-silicone alloy body capable of withstanding pressures up to 150 psi. Come with a quarter-turn purge and a drain valve

DrainsView all

  • Bell Traps and Drains

    Bronze / iron / plastic roof or floor drains and internal backwater valves featuring weep holes for double drainage as well as protection from deterioration of surrounding drain area. Separate roof drain domes also available

  • Sink Drains

    Grease interceptors used to remove oils, fats or grease from wastewater and prevent ingress into septic fields, plumbing systems and wastewater treatment plants. Feature epoxy-coated steel construction capable of handling flow rates up to 15 gpm

Tube FittingsView all

  • PEX Fittings
  • Push to Connect Tube Fittings

    Easy-to-connect polysulfone tube fittings featuring an integral collet with stainless steel gripping teeth. Can fit into tubes / pipes of different connection types

Hose Bibs and HydrantsView all

  • Wall and Yard Hydrant Accessories

    Hydrant keys featuring chrome brass construction to reduce oxidation reactions on the exposed surfaces; ideal for operating and repairing yard and wall hydrants. Designed for use with Watts(R) HY1 wall hydrants

  • Wall Hydrants

    Key-operated hydrants used to prevent unintentional opening of water systems. Feature a 3/4-inch hose connection and offered in different sizes to accommodate wall thicknesses up to 14 inches

FiltrationView all

  • Y and Basket Strainers

    Ideal for protecting the components of steam and water piping systems from rust, dirt and other damaging debris. Selected models (Y-strainers) feature a perforated or wire mesh straining screen to mechanically remove the solid components from flowing steam or fluids

Flow Control ValvesView all

  • Gate and Globe Valves

    Class 200 / 250 flanged gate valves suitable for applications in potable water feed lines and sewage disposal systems. Feature a flexible wedge disc to provide positive seating and resistance against a maximum differential pressure of 250 psi

Pipe and TubingView all

  • PEX Tubing

    RadiantPEX barrier coils designed for supply & return piping, snow melting and radiant heating applications. Feature a cross-linked polyethylene design with an EVOH barrier to limit oxygen diffusion through the tubing walls. Available in wall thicknesses of 0.14, 0.16 and 0.19 inches

About the Brand

Watts is a leading producer of high-quality water control and safety products intended for applications in water drainage, irrigation and rainwater harvesting systems. The brand's catalogue incudes water pressure valves, relief valves, backflow preventers, pressure regulators and tube fittings. Pressure reducing valves are used to maintain a reduced outlet pressure to prevent the plumbing units from high pressure damage, irrespective of the increased inlet pressure demand. Watts pressure reducing valves feature an adjustment spring to obtain the desirable pressure and are suitable for sterilisers, single radiators and oil lines. The company's backflow preventers are widely used in drainage systems to prevent potable water contamination from the reverse flow of polluted water and are available in different body materials, connection types and sizes. Choose from a broad range of these pressure valves and related accessories, such as adapters, air cocks and backflow preventer repair kits on Raptor Supplies, a trusted Watts distributor.

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