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Bit Sets

Insert/power Bit Set Stainless Steel 1/4 Drive 30 Pc
Item: AC8WXX
Model: 05071109003
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Hand Ratchets

Featuring a slim and compact design for confined spaces, a sculptured full metal body for comfort and a unique socket locking function for safety

  • Ratchet
  • Ratchet
  • Ratchet
  • Ratchet+3


Item (6)

Hex and Torx Key Sets

High-quality hex-plus keys with an L-shaped handle for increased turning power and comfortable grip. Ideal for use with hexagon socket screws

Hex/Torx Keys

Ball end hex keys designed to keep the screw head in tact with narrow contact surfaces. Feature a stainless steel blade and a working angle of 25 degrees

Insulated Tool Sets

Includes slotted, Phillips and Robertson square recess screwdrivers designed to provide protection from electrical shocks of up to 1000 V

Insulated Screwdriver Set 12-pieces
Item: AD6HJL
Model: 05347900001
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Multi-Bit Screwdrivers

ESD multi-bit screwdrivers designed to protect components against electrostatic energy and associated damage. Feature a Kraftform handle to prevent blisters and calluses

Insulated Multi-bit Screwdriver 7 Pc
Item: AC8WYW
Model: 05003473002
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Nut Driver Sets

Comprise multi-component ergonomic handles for comfort and high-speed torque and lasertip micro-rough drive tip bites to ensure a perfect fit and reduce cam-out effect

Nut Drivers

Hollow shaft nut drivers designed for protruding threaded rods and an ergonomic multi-component plastic handle. Insulated nut drivers in different colours, lengths and hex sizes also available

Insulated Nut Driver 7/32 x 5 In
Item: AE8ENH
Model: 05345280001
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Insulated Nut Driver 5/16 x 5 In
Item: AE8ENL
Model: 05104901003
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Insulated Nut Driver 7/16 x 5 In
Item: AE8ENN
Model: 05104902003
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Precision Screwdriver Sets

Includes Philips, hex, slotted and Torx precision screwdrivers featuring an anti-roll ergonomic handle with a rotating cap

ESD Precision Driver Set Combo 20 pcs.
Item: AH8JQC
Model: 05073671001
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ESD Precision Driver Set Combo 11 pcs.
Item: AH8JQD
Model: 05073670001
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Precision Screwdrivers

Precision hex-plus screwdrivers featuring a multi-component Kraftform micro handle and black point tip for exact fit. Designed to fit small hexagen socket screws and hardware

Ratcheting Wrench Sets

SAE and metric ratcheting wrench sets featuring limit stop to prevent slipping off the fastener head, eliminating the risk of damage to bolts

Ratcheting Wrenches

Suitable for use with hexagon socket screws featuring 80 teeth mechanism for flexibility in confined spaces and chrome molybdenum steel construction with nickel-chrome coating for rust protection

Screwdriver Bit And Nutsetter Accessories

Universal bit holders featuring a quick-release chuck ideal for use with hexagonal shank bits. Feature a multi-component Kraftform handle that fits the shape of the hand, eliminating the physical stress of screwdriving

Universal Bit Holder Stainless Steel 1/4 Inch Chuck 2 L
Item: AC8WXW
Model: 05071100003
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Bitholding Screwdriver Magnetic 1/4 Hex
Item: AC8WYX
Model: 05051462003
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Screwdriver Bits And Nutsetters

IEC-rated insulated screwdriver handles designed for use with Wera interchangeable VDE blades. Steel and polypropylene insulated screwdriver blades also available

Insulated Screwdriver Handle 4 Inch Length
Item: AC8WZQ
Model: 05003990002
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Screwdriver Sets

Includes combination screwdriver sets with assorted tip styles for exact fit across multiple applications. Feature rotating cap with Kraftform non-roll design and 3-zone multi-component handle for speed, power and precision

Esd Combination Screwdriver Set 6 Pc
Item: AE8ENA
Model: 05030170002
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Stainless steel screwdrivers featuring a keystone slotted tip style for use in space restricted areas and multi-component kraftform handle for comfort. Chiseldriver and ESD screwdrivers also available

Socket Extensions

Flex socket extensions featuring a free-turning sleeve and knurled base for hand turning and a flexible lock system to lock sockets when activated

Socket Sets

Feature chrome molybdenum steel construction and ball locks to hold the sockets and attachments securely. Available in different drive sizes, finishes and measurement types

  • Socket Set
  • Socket Set
  • Socket Set
  • Socket Set+7
Item (10)
Socket Wrench Set Metric 1/2 Drive Size 28 pc
Item: AH8JQA
Model: 05004077001
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About the Brand

Wera is a leading manufacturer of highly durable hand tools for applications in aerospace, automotive and mining industries. The company's product catalogue includes an extensive line of screwdrivers, wrenches, nut drivers and ratchets. Wera's insulated screwdrivers are designed to provide protection from up to 1000 volts. They feature a multi-component ergonomic / Kraftform-shaped handle for better grip and a keystone slotted tip style for use in space restricted areas. The brand's torque screwdrivers have a torque-controlled screw tightening mechanism that prevents damage to the screw and feature a torque indicator. Choose from a wide range of Wera screwdriver sets, ratcheting wrenches, hex / Torx keys and nut drivers on Raptor Supplies.