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Measuring and Layout ToolsView all

  • Angle Pitch and Slope Locators

    Angle finders designed for measuring an angle and then replicating it into a piece of work. Widely used by woodworkers and commercial trim installers. Feature high-impact plastic construction for eliminating inaccuracies caused by an unwanted magnetic field. Available in 3.5, 4.625 and 5-inch base length options

  • Box I-Beam and Torpedo Levels

    Comprise a green vial fluid for accurate measurements while levelling workpieces and rubberised end caps (selected models) for shock resistance and damage protection. Available in 6.25, 9, 24, 48, 72 and 96 inch length options

  • Combination Square Sets and Components

    Designed to determine the internal and external angles, as well as check heights and depths of workpieces. Feature hardened cast iron construction offering excellent durability and microfine graduations (8ths / 16ths / 32nds / 64ths) for accurate measurements

  • Depth Micrometers

    Used to measure the depth of holes, slots, counterbores and recesses, as well as the distance from a surface to some recessed part. Features a hardened-steel spindle and anvil for maximum impact resistance

  • Dial Calipers

    Ideal for measuring both internal and external dimensions of workpieces using the upper and lower jaws, respectively. Feature rugged stainless-steel construction for durability and resisting oxidation reactions in the exposed areas

  • Dial Indicators

    Dial test indicators designed for measuring misalignment between the rotational axis of the spindle and the workpiece in grinding, milling or cutting operations. Selected models feature a jewelled bearing for reducing frictional losses

  • Digital Calipers

    Electronic callipers designed for accurate measurement of internal & external diameters, steps and depth of workpieces. Feature a large easy-to-read digital display for user convenience and offered in polycarbonate and stainless-steel construction variants

  • Distance Meters

    Used in conjunction with a laser to make highly accurate measurements between objects. Feature an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen that displays the measurements in dim conditions and a pouch with a safety strap

  • Electronic Digital Indicators

    Designed for recording data in process control applications which can then be readily transferred to a PC for mitigating any chances of parallax errors. Feature an absolute encoder scale to offer high speed and accuracy. Deliver results in both Imperial and Metric measurement systems

  • Gage Blocks/Clamps Surveillance Masters

    Designed to determine the distance between surfaces and align cutting tool machinery and other intricate calibration instruments. Separate V-blocks with a horseshoe clamp also available to securely hold workpieces together

  • Height Gauges

    Used to determine and set height, step dimensions or vertical distance, and mark out workpieces. Feature a large, easy-to-read LCD screen to display the results with up to +/-0.002% accuracy. Additional functions include zero set facility & inch / metric conversion with automatic On / Off operations

  • Hole Drill Bore and Wire Gauges

    Used for quickly measuring the internal and external dimensions of an object with high accuracy. Feature chrome-plated / hardened steel construction to withstand harsh industrial environment and impact loads. Available in graduations ranging between 0.0005 and 0.00005 inches

  • Indicator Holders Bases and Stands

    Designed to stabilise dial and electric indicators to eliminate machine errors for precise measurement. Deliver a maximum magnetic force of 85 lbf for preventing damages to the indicators and probes due to accidental base fall-over. Available in satin chrome and blue finish variants

  • Inside Micrometers

    Used to measure the inside diameter of holes, tubes and pipes, as well as groove sizes in O-rings & washers. Feature a lock nut to provide positive locking of spindles and hardened steel tips to prevent damage. Also come in a set comprising rods, adjustment wrenches and a storage case

  • Magnifiers
  • Measuring Tapes

    Ideal for use in construction, engineering, architectural and other industrial measuring applications. Feature an ABS plastic housing for use in corrosive environments and in areas with electrical hazards. Models available with carbon steel, fibreglass, nylon-clad steel and steel blades

  • Measuring Wheel Accessories

    Measuring wheel carrying cases to accommodate Grainger No. 21LP34 and 21LP36, and 11 - 12 inch measuring wheels. Feature a backpack style with a hand-carried handle that allows easy toting of measuring wheels from one place to another

  • Measuring Wheels

    Used for road marking, paving, fencing and traffic control operations, as well as in construction sites to measure large distances, boundaries or areas. Come with a molded ABS or aluminium frame with a handling rod to make precise 2- or 4-inch wide lines

  • Micrometer Sets
  • Micrometers
  • Precision Measuring Accessories
  • Precision Measuring Tool Kits
  • Precision Steel Squares
  • Protractors
  • Rules and Straight Edges
  • Scribers and Probes
  • Spring Calipers and Dividers
  • Squares Bevels and Stair Gauges
  • Telescoping Gage Sets
  • Vernier Calipers

WrenchesView all

About the Brand

With over 57 years of experience, Westward has been manufacturing handheld tools and material handling equipment ideal for woodworking, manufacturing, metalworking and maintenance & repair applications. Its extensive catalogue includes wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, clamping tools, tool trolleys, inspection tools and vices. The brand's adjustable wrenches are designed in accordance with ASME certifications and are best suited for fastening nuts, bolts and fittings in HVAC equipment. These wrenches feature steel construction with a black phosphate finish for resistance against corrosive fluids or hydraulic oils and an adjustable screw mechanism for eliminating the additional requirement of installation tools. For installing clamps or pins and fastening screws in automotive repair services, Westward precision tool kits are ideal for use because of their precision-machined chrome top tip screwdrivers and pliers designed to resist chipping & slippage. These electronic units further come equipped with a lightweight zip lock carrying case for secure storage and job-site portability. Choose from a wide range of these products along with impact socket adapters, distance meters and micrometers on Raptor Supplies.

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