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ClampsView all

  • Angle Clamps

    Aluminium / cast iron angle clamps with copper- / chrome-plated spindles; used for holding two pieces together at a precise angle during assembly. Feature adjustable self-centring jaws to facilitate right-angle joining and easy operation

  • Bar Pipe and L Clamps

    Feature sliding ends which can be adjusted according to the length of a workpiece before applying pressure. Are ideal for woodworking assembly applications and have a maximum load holding capacity of 4880 lb

  • C Clamps

    Includes various heavy- and light-duty C-clamps and shoe clamps in different sizes and load-bearing capacities. Can be used to clamp wood and metal workpieces and pipes

  • Clamp Accessories

    Light-duty, hydraulic, mechanical and midget work positioners used to position work pieces and hold them in place for a hands-free operation. Ideal for welding, assembling and intricate electronic work

VisesView all

  • Bench Vises

    Bench / combination / mechanic's / portable / rotating / woodworking / workshop vises designed to hold workpieces together when they are being worked upon. Available in clamp-on, swivel & stationery base variants

  • Magnetic Jaw Caps

    Hardened aluminium jaw caps used to hold uneven workpieces and prevent them from marring while clamping. Feature a built-in permanent magnet and offered in different jaw widths

  • Specialty Vises and Components

    All-terrain and multi-angle vises with steel jaws; offered in different jaw widths and throat depths for a variety of workholding applications

Hammers and Striking ToolsView all

  • Ball Pein Hammers

    Used for hitting glancing blows to chip away some metal from the sides of a hole, as well as for hardening the metal. Feature a safety plate to prevent the head from dislodging and a slip-resistant, vulcanised rubber handle to eliminate breakage during overstrike

  • Sledges

    Includes a wide range of double face, soft face and indestructible sledge hammers in different head diameters, materials and lengths

About the Brand

Wilton Tools is a US-based manufacturer of high-quality vises and metalworking tools. The Wilton Tools catalog includes industrial vises, clamps, bar pipes, sledges, ball pein hammers, magnetic jaw caps, clamp accessories, planers, trolleys, dust collectors, axes and splitting wedges. The brand's bench vises, machine vises and truck hitch vises are extensively used to hold metal sheets, wood panels, tubes and pipes on workbenches. Wilton clamps are used to hold metal or wood workpieces and are ideal for steel fabrication and industrial welding applications. Wilton hammers have an unbreakable, slip-resistant handle and a safety plate that secures the hammerhead to the handle.
The company also manufactures magnetic jaw caps that are used to hold uneven workpieces and protect them from any damage during clamping. These jaw caps are available in different materials and jaw widths. Choose from a wide range of Wilton vises, clamps, hammers and jaw caps on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Wilton tools distributor.

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