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Outdoor Equipment


Safety Filter

Circuit Breaker Lockouts

Circuit Breaker Lockout Universal - Pack Of 3
Item: AA4BTD
Model: 7110
€83.03 /unit
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Equipment and Safety Labels

Fire Blankets

Fire Blanket And Tote Synthetic Fiber
Item: AA4JCP
Model: 7230
€190.67 /unit
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Gas Cylinder Lockouts

Lockout Tagout Cylinder Lockout
Item: AA4BTG
Model: 7101
€52.42 /unit
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Glove Dispensers

Glove Dispenser Magnet Petg White 1 Box
Item: AE9WQR
Model: 7226
€39.93 /unit
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Group Lockout Boxes

Group Lockout Box Stainless Steel Red
Item: AG3NAU
Model: 6061R
€167.31 /unit
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Lockout Centers and Stations

Tag Center Unfilled 15 inch Height
Item: AH6LAY
Model: 2670
€132.08 /unit
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Lockout Hasps

  • Lockout Hasp
  • Lockout Hasp
  • Lockout Hasp
  • Lockout Hasp+3
Item (6)
Labeled Lockout Hasp Snap-on 6 Lock
Item: AA4BTC
Model: 7102
€43.78 /unit
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Lockout Padlocks

Non Hazardous and Hazardous Waste Labels

  • Recycle Label
  • Recycle Label
  • Recycle Label
  • Recycle Label+25
Item (28)

Plug and Switch Lockout Devices

Plug Lockout Yellow 9/16 Inch Shackle Diameter
Item: AA4BTE
Model: 7100
€53.78 /unit
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Wall Switch Lockout Red 3/8 Inch Diameter
Item: AC6TRG
Model: 6064
€31.80 /unit
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Portable Lockout Kits

Repair and Inspection Tags

Aed Tag 5-3/4 x 3 Inch Black And Red/white - Pack Of 10
Item: AF6DJW
Model: 7018
€75.76 /unit
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5-3/4 x 3 Inch Red/white Recycled Plastic - Pack Of 10
Item: AF6DKL
Model: 7016
€75.82 /unit
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Safety Inspection Tag 5-3/4 x 3 Inch - Pack Of 10
Item: AF6DMK
Model: 7014
€72.82 /unit
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Safety Inspection Tag 5-3/4 x 3 Inch White - Pack Of 10
Item: AF6DNB
Model: 7012
€70.87 /unit
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Emer Sh Eye Wash Test Received Tag - Pack Of 10
Item: AF6DNY
Model: 7017
€74.26 /unit
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Right-To-Know Binders

GHS SDS Binder 1-1/2 Inch
Item: AH6LAV
Model: 6030
€53.02 /unit
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GHS SDS Binder 3 inch
Item: AH6LAW
Model: 6032
€61.66 /unit
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GHS SDS Binder 2-1/2 Inch Bilingual
Item: AH6LAX
Model: 6034
€53.91 /unit
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Right-To-Know Stations

Binder Holder Wall 12 x 14 x 4in
Item: AG6RFT
Model: 2708
€138.46 /unit
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Right-to-know Center 29 x 20 x 4 Inch Eng
Item: AG6RFU
Model: 6066
€2,292.00 /unit
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Right-to-know Center 23-1/4x27-1/2 Span
Item: AG6RFV
Model: 6067
€2,292.00 /unit
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GHS-SDS Procedure Station Metal Cabinet
Item: AH6LAQ
Model: 6046
€194.47 /unit
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GHS SDS Training Station
Item: AH6LAR
Model: 6041
€491.62 /unit
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GHS SDS Center Single Station Bilingual
Item: AH6LAT
Model: 6042
€237.38 /unit
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GHS SDS Center Double Station Bilingual
Item: AH6LAU
Model: 6043
€381.77 /unit
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About Zing

Zing manufactures UL-certified safety products, including safety signs, glove dispensers, can crushers, padlocks, fire blankets and lockouts. This extensive range also includes a vast number of industrial safety products, including lockout or tagout devices. Zing Green Products prides itself in manufacturing these products with recycled or rapidly renewable materials, such as polyethylene and polystyrene, and offering them at a competitive price. All top-selling Zing products are available on Raptor Supplies for easy and hassle-free order placement and delivery.