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Back Supports




Allegro bodybelts provide a genuine 9 inch wide, back support with two-section closure. The medical style, versatile back and non-flexible side panels incorporate polyethylene plastic stays to wipe out ride-up. They feature removable highlights, completely customizable suspenders. Choose from a range of these black body belts from Allegro, available in four sizes.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizePrice
A7160-0126" to 36"Small€30.00
A7160-0236" to 48"Medium€30.00
A7160-0458 to 60"X-Large€30.00

SpanBak Deluxe Back Supports

Allegro SpanBak deluxe back supports reduce back strain during strenuous lifting. They feature spandex construction for increased flexibility and resistance against wear, acids & abrasives. These back supports are integrated with four polyethylene plastic stays lined with rubber anti ride-up grippers for added safety and wide elastic, fully adjustable removable suspenders for comfort. These back supports are compatible with vests of sizes between 32 & 54 inches, and are available in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizePrice
A7195-0132" to 36"Small€25.50
A7195-0236" to 40"Medium€25.50
A7195-0340" to 44"Large€25.50
A7195-0444" to 48"X-Large€25.50

Economy Hi-Viz Back Belts

Allegro Economy Hi-Viz back belts protect the lower back by reducing stress during physical activity. These belts come with detachable elastic suspenders in high visibility green colour, and side pulls for added safety. They are made of molded polypropylene to provide gentle compression and warmth for a more comfortable fit. These units are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizePrice
A7178-0126" to 32"Small€25.50
A7178-0232" to 38"Medium€25.50
A7178-0338" to 47"Large€25.50
A7178-0447" to 56"X-Large€25.50

Spanbak Back Supports W/ Detachable Suspenders

Allegro Spanbak, back supports protect from back strain & injuries, as well as encourage proper body positioning. They feature polyethylene plastic construction, providing support & strength and a two-stage hook & loop closing design for tight back support. Further, these medical grade supports feature breathable spandex material with rubber grip-tex webbing on interior stay casting to prevent ride-up. They include detachable suspenders for ease-of-use and are easily washable. Variants are available in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes in black colour.
Raptor Supplies also offers Allegro Back Supports in both, hook & loop and buckle & lock closures.

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizeWidthPrice
A7190-0132" to 36"S9"€19.50
A7190-0237" to 40"M9"€19.50
A7190-0341" to 44"L9"€19.50
A7190-0444" to 48"XL9"€19.50

Back Support

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizePrice
A1908-S32" to 36"S€45.72
A1908-M36" to 40"M€45.72
A1908-L40" to 44"L€45.72
A1908-XL44" to 48"XL€45.72

Back Support with Stay

StyleModelClosure TypeColorFits Waist SizeMaterialSizeWidthPrice
A1AAT5Double Hook-and-LoopBlack25" to 30"ElasticS9"€50.02
A1UM56Double Hook-and-LoopBlack34" to 38"ElasticL9"€50.02
A1UM58Double Hook-and-LoopBlack42" to 46"Elastic2XL9"€56.62
A1UM55Double Hook-and-LoopBlack30" to 34"ElasticM9"€50.02
A1UM57Double Hook-and-LoopBlack38" to 42"ElasticXL9"€50.02
B6T564Hook and LoopBlack34" to 38"SpandexL8.5"€57.22
B6T563Hook and LoopBlack30" to 34"SpandexM8"€57.22
B6T562Hook and LoopBlack25" to 30"SpandexS7.75"€57.22
C1UM60Hook and LoopHi-Visibility Orange30" to 34"ElasticM8"€55.42
D3RVA7Hook and LoopBlack52" to 62"ElasticXL8.75"€52.10
E3RUZ9Hook and LoopBlack25" to 30"ElasticS7.75"€75.82
E3RUZ8Hook and LoopBlack30" to 34"ElasticM8"€75.82
E3RUZ7Hook and LoopBlack34" to 38"ElasticL8.25"€75.82
E3RVA1Hook and LoopBlack38" to 42"ElasticXL8.5"€75.82
F1UM63Hook and LoopHi-Visibility Orange42" to 46"Elastic2XL9.25"€55.42
C1UM62Hook and LoopHi-Visibility Orange38" to 42"ElasticXL8.5"€55.42
G5T541Hook and LoopBlack34" to 38"SpandexL8.25"€73.72
H1UM53Hook and LoopBlack28" to 46"SpandexUniversal9"€61.28
C1UM61Hook and LoopHi-Visibility Orange34" to 38"ElasticL8.5"€55.42
B6T565Hook and LoopBlack38" to 42"SpandexXL8.5"€57.22
G5T543Hook and LoopBlack42" to 46"Spandex2XL9.25"€73.72
G5T542Hook and LoopBlack38" to 42"SpandexXL8.25"€73.72
I3RVA4Hook and LoopBlack42" to 52"ElasticL8.5"€52.10
G5T540Hook and LoopBlack30" to 34"SpandexM8"€73.72
D3RVA6Hook and LoopBlack24" to 34"ElasticS8"€52.10

Back Support with Lumbar Pad

StyleModelClosure TypeFits Waist SizeItemMaterialSizeWidthPrice
A3RVC3Double Hook-and-Loop32" to 37"Back SupportElasticM9.25"€50.32
B3RVC6Double Hook-and-Loop45" to 52"Back SupportElastic2XL9.25"€50.32
A3RVC2Double Hook-and-Loop35" to 40"Back SupportElasticL9.25"€50.32
C3RVC4Double Hook-and-Loop27" to 32"Back SupportElasticS9.25"€50.32
B3RVC5Double Hook-and-Loop40" to 45"Back SupportElasticXL9.25"€50.32
D1M704Hook and Loop30" to 34"Back Support with Lumbar PadMeshM9.5"€59.32
D1M706Hook and Loop34" to 38"Back Support with Lumbar PadMeshL9.5"€59.32
D1M708Hook and Loop38" to 42"Back Support with Lumbar PadMeshXL9.5"€59.32
D1M702Hook and Loop25" to 30"Back Support with Lumbar PadMeshS9.5"€59.32
E6T561Single Strap38" to 42"Back Support with Lumbar PadNylonXL7.625"€52.06
E3AR75Single Strap42" to 46"Back Support with Lumbar PadNylon2XL7.625"€45.46
E6T560Single Strap34" to 38"Back Support with Lumbar PadNylonL7.625"€52.06
E6T559Single Strap30" to 34"Back Support with Lumbar PadNylonM7.625"€52.06
E6T558Single Strap Hook and Loop25" to 30"Back Support with Lumbar PadNylonS7.625"€52.06

Back Support

StyleModelClosure TypeFits Waist SizeItemMaterialSizeWidthPrice
A3RWH4Double Hook-and-Loop27" to 32"Back SupportElasticS9.375"€46.35
B3RUZ5Double Hook-and-Loop32" to 37"Back SupportElasticM9.375"€46.35
C3RUZ6Double Hook-and-Loop45" to 52"Back SupportElastic2XL9.375"€61.35
D3RUZ4Double Hook-and-Loop35" to 40"Back SupportElasticL9.375"€52.95
E3RVC7Double Hook-and-Loop42" to 52"Back SupportElasticL9"€41.98
F3RVD1Double Hook-and-Loop52" to 62"Back SupportElasticXL9"€86.69
A3RWH5Double Hook-and-Loop40" to 45"Back SupportElasticXL9.375"€46.35
F3RVC8Double Hook-and-Loop32" to 42"Back SupportElasticM9"€95.09
F3RVC9Double Hook-and-Loop24" to 34"Back SupportElasticS9"€39.44
G3RVA8Double Overlap26" to 48"Back Support with StayPolyesterUniversal9"€57.69

Back Support

StyleModelFits Waist SizeMaterialSizePrice
AVI4675SMWWGL24" to 34"Elastic, Nylon, PolypropyleneS€33.72
AVI4675MEWWGL32" to 44"Elastic, NylonM€33.72
AVI4675LGWWGL42" to 56"Elastic, NylonL€25.32

All Fit Back Supports

Allegro spandex back supports feature a wide belt design to offer support and fit wearers of various waist sizes. These supports feature vented V-pulls and front padded cushions for added comfort. They have a neoprene pad that fits the centre of the back (over the spine) to ensure maximum support. These units come in a reusable zipper storage bag.

StyleModelClosure TypeFits Waist SizeMaterialSizeWidthPrice
A7130-02Buckle and lock36" to 48"PolypropyleneMedium5"€28.50
A7130-04Buckle and lock58"-68"PolypropyleneX-Large5"€28.50
A7130-01Buckle and lock26" to 36"PolypropyleneSmall5"€28.50
A7130-03Buckle and lock48" to 58"PolypropyleneLarge5"€28.50
B7115-02Hook-and-Loop36" to 48"NylonM9"€48.00
C7176-02Hook-and-Loop32" to 38"Elastic, Nylon, PolypropyleneM8"€18.00
B7115-03Hook-and-Loop40" to 44"NylonL9"€48.00
C7176-01Hook-and-Loop26" to 32"Elastic, Nylon, PolypropyleneS8"€18.00
C7176-04Hook-and-Loop47" to 56"Elastic, Nylon, PolypropyleneXL8"€18.00
B7115-01Hook-and-Loop26" to 36"NylonS9"€48.00
C7176-03Hook-and-Loop38" to 47"Elastic, Nylon, PolypropyleneL8"€18.00
B7115-04Hook-and-Loop58 to 60"NylonXL9"€49.50
D7170Two-Stage Hook and Loop26" to 48"SpandexUniversal9.5"€37.50

Back Support with Foam Core

StyleModelClosure TypeFits Waist SizeSizeWidthPrice
A3RUX1Cam Buckle43" to 48"2XL6"€47.68
A3RUW6Cam Buckle34" to 39"L6"€47.68
A3RUW7Cam Buckle31" to 36"M6"€32.68
A3RUW8Cam Buckle28" to 33"S6"€32.68
A3RUW9Cam Buckle38" to 43"XL6"€32.68
B3RUU4Cam Buckle28" to 33"S4"€42.38
C3RUX9Torque Ring22" to 29"S6"€41.00
C3RUY1Torque Ring44" to 51"XL6"€41.00
C3RUX7Torque Ring37" to 43"L6"€41.00
C3RUX8Torque Ring30" to 36M6"€26.00
C3RUY2Torque Ring52" to 59"2XL6"€26.00

Back Support

StyleModelFits Waist SizeSizeWidthPrice
A2000SF25" to 30"S8.5"€81.37
B1100SF25" to 30"S8"€66.00
A2000SF30" to 34"M8.5"€81.37
B1100SF30" to 34"M8"€74.40
A2000SF34" to 38"L8.5"€81.37
B1100SF34" to 38"L8"€66.00
A2000SF38" to 42"XL8.5"€81.37
B1100SF38" to 42"XL8"€66.00
A2000SF42" to 46"2XL8.5"€81.37
B1100SF42" to 46"2XL8"€66.00
A2000SF46" to 52"3XL8.5"€81.37
B1100SF46" to 52"3XL8"€66.00
A2000SF52" to 58"4XL8.5"€81.37
B1100SF52" to 58"4XL8"€66.00
A2000SFUp to 25"XS8.5"€89.77
B1100SFUp to 25"XS8"€74.40

Back Support

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