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Drum Lifters


Industries manufacturing cosmetics, chemical substances or food-grade items need to handle huge barrels filled with powder & liquids. These heavy drums need to be tilted & emptied into filling lines or machines. Such critical operations pose a challenge, as the barrel's weight can go above and ...beyond 2000 lb (1000 kg). Drum lifters are perfect for both lifting & transporting heavy drums on industrial floors & factories. These drum moving units not only protect employees from potential damages but also increase the overall efficiency.Read more


Fork Mounted Drum Lifter

AFMDDL-17001,500 lbs.35"34"38"€2,827.42
BFMDL-15001,500 lbs.37"47"33"€5,021.96
CFMDL-20002,000 lbs.37"47"33"€6,053.78
DFMDDL-30003,000 lbs.37"47"33"€7,381.36
EFMDDL-40004,000 lbs.37"47"33"€9,874.32
FFMDL-850750 lbs.35"34"31"€1,727.78
StyleModelCaster MaterialPrice
AP-JIB-2Glass Filled Nylon€7,984.38

Stainless Steel Drum Lifter

Vestil stainless steel drum lifters provide three-point drum contact with stabilising arms for lifting, stowing and transporting 30 & 55 gallon, steel or plastic drums. These units have strong & durable 304 SS construction and are quick & easy to operate by a single person. Drum lifters / transporters are ideal for pharmaceutical, washdown & cleanroom applications and allow the operator to load / unload drums on & off the pallets. They have a foot pump for raising / lowering and a straddle leg for allowing the drum lifter to glide over the pallet & grab the drum. Raptor Supplies offers a variety of these drum lifters for use with overhead hoist, cranes and forklift attachments.


Drum Lifter/rotator/transporter

StyleModelCaster MaterialHeightLeg TypeLengthWidthPrice
BDRUM-LRT-IINylon82.625"Pivoting Straddle51.5"34"€5,168.86

Economy Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter

Vestil drum lifters / rotators / transporters are suitable for lifting, tilting & transporting steel drums from racks in oil & gas, and chemical processing facilities. They come with a manual hand crank for tilting the drum up to 120 degrees and hand / foot actuated tilting / lifting mechanism for user comfort. Selected models feature a steel jaw for securely gripping the drum lid, thereby preventing slippage. Choose from an extensive range of these drum lifters / rotators / transporters, available in clamp style cradle & steel jaw grip options on Raptor Supplies.


Drum Lifters

Vestil drum lifters are ideal for lifting, moving and positioning 30- and 55-gallon steel drums with the help of an overhead chain and a hoist machine / fork truck. All units feature one-piece steel construction with a baked-in powder coat finish for delivering load capacities up to 1500 lb and an ergonomic locking mechanism for securely gripping the drum lid.

StyleModelHeightLengthLoad CapacityWidthPrice
AFDT-2216.25"27.125"1000 lbs.3.5"€286.36
BDL-3120.75"22.25"1500 lbs.4"€317.82

Automatic Eagle Beak Drum Lifter

AFMDL-11,000 lbs.43"29"€1,753.40
BFMDL-22,000 lbs.42.437"41.25"€2,299.46

Crane/Hoist Drum Lifter

Vestil crane / hoist drum lifters are suitable for positioning steel, plastic & fibre drums in & out of overpacks in oil & gas facilities and warehouses. These lifters have a built-in spring for preventing the grabbing arms from opening while lifting loads and steel construction for lifting drums up to 1000 lb. Choose from a broad range of drum lifters for lifting 16 to 25 inch diameter drums, on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelDrum Dia.Price
ACHDL-162016 to 20"€671.86
BCHDL-202520 to 25"€671.86

Drum Stackers

Dayton drum stackers are mechanical equipment designed to protectively lift, grip and transfer cylindrical modules. These drum stackers allow 360 degrees rotation of steel, powder-coated drums and feature polyurethane casters for easy maneuverability.


Portable Drum Lifter

StyleModelDrum CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice
A30YP2630, 55 gal.2"38"22.5"€174.59
B30YP2555 gal.6"33"2.75"€177.67

Ergonomic Drum Handlers

Wesco drum handlers are used to transport metal / plastic / fibre drums and barrels of load capacities within the range of 30 - 85 gallons. These units comprise a Wesco hydraulic pump to conveniently raise the drums, requiring no manual intervention, and an up / down remote (on the battery-powered units) for controlling the drive speeds up to 120 ft per minute. The patented Gator Grip auto-grip lock on these handlers help secure the drum in position, even over rough terrains and also have spring-loaded clamps that are capable of holding drum rims, of minimum 3/16 inch outer diameter, in position. These drum handlers further come equipped with 2 phenolic rigid wheels and 2 swivel casters, with a wheel lock facility, for better manoeuvrability and stability.

StyleModelLiftOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthStrokeTypePrice
A240156Battery power78"36"41"8.5Power Lift€9,918.36
B240157Battery power78"53"41"8.5Power Lift & Drive€18,679.95
C240154Hydraulic pump78"36"41"1High Reach€6,372.45
D240150Hydraulic pump59"36"41"1Standard€5,119.47
E240155Hydraulic pump59"40"42"1Scale€9,907.83

Portable Drum Lifters

Valley Craft portable drum lifters move and transfer products from liquid storage drums in industrial and commercial spaces. They have powder-coated steel construction with two polyurethane casters for strength, rigidity, durability and portability. These drum handlers are integrated with 12-inch power drive wheels, a hydraulic lift along with pour function and hydraulic clamping jaws for 360-degrees rotation and moving drums up to 1000 lb, respectively. These units feature fully adjustable & programmable controls with 1 - 2.5 mph speed controls, a 24VDC system, battery indicator gauge and a keyed On / Off switch for safe operations. Choose from a wide range of these drum handlers for handling steel, plastic & fibre drums and cylinders with diameters ranging from 14 to 28 inches.

StyleModelDiameterOverall HeightOverall LengthPrice
AF89831A414 to 24"90"51"€25,920.00
AF89832A514 to 24"78"51"€25,572.80
BF89837A114 to 24"90"47"€24,180.80
BF89838A214 to 24"78"47"€23,833.60
CF80145A818 to 28"90"71"€30,822.40
DF80146A918 to 28"78"71"€30,475.20
EF80143A618 to 28"90"59"€29,083.20
EF80144A718 to 28"78"59"€28,736.00

Salvage Drum Lifters

Salvage drum lifters by Wesco are designed for fast & easy lifting of 55 & 85 gallon drums. These drum lifters have the capability of handling loads up to 1000 lb and are ideal for closed head steel drums. Raptor Supplies is a trusted seller of Wesco salvage drum lifters.

StyleModelDrum CapacityPrice
A24010055 gal.€186.48
B24010285 gal.€236.79

Economical & Mechanical Drum Transporter

Vestil drum transporters are designed to lift & transport plastic, steel & fibre drums with a top lip. They feature rotating straddle legs for access to drums on pallets, four phenolic swivel casters for easy manoeuvrability on concrete floors and a push handle for easy access to ratchet & foot pump. These welded steel constructed transporters haved baked-in, powder coated yellow finish for added toughness. They are available in manual mechanical ratchet, foot pump hydraulic and DC powered lift mechanisms on Raptor Supplies.

ADCR-SCALE-1,500 lbs.17"9.375"-6.375"€3,079.32
BDCR-880-H-DCSteel, Plastic and Fiber Drums1,500 lbs.43.562"55.875"DC68.937"€6,110.78
CDCR-880-HSteel, Plastic and Fiber Drums1,500 lbs.42.75"47"Foot Pump68.5"€2,221.38
DDCR-880-H-HPSteel, Plastic and Fiber Drums880 lbs.70.75"50"Foot Pump68.875"€2,339.98
EDCR-880-H-HP-DCSteel, Plastic and Fiber Drums880 lbs.70.75"55.875"DC68.875"€6,088.36
FDCR-880-MSteel, Plastic and Fiber Drums with top lip880 lbs.45.25"49.937"Hand Ratchet68.937"€1,877.78

Drum Jack

StyleModelAcceptsCapacityCaster MaterialHeightLengthWidthPrice
ADRUM-55-FSP-800 lbs.Hard Rubber46.25"35"39.5"€6,658.42
BDRUM-55FP30 and 55-gallon steel, plastic and fiber drums1,000 lbs.Mold-on-Rubber48.75"41.562"41.75"€8,974.28
CDRUM-55-3655-gallon steel and fiber drums500 lbs.-58"25.812"30.5"€1,721.96
DDRUM-55S55-gallon steel drums660 lbs.Nylon47.5"41.187"28.5"€1,430.86

Hydraulic Drum Stacker

Vestil hydraulic drum stackers are designed for horizontal positioning of 55-gallon steel drums on shelves. They feature solid steel construction to ensure stability and a ratchet mechanism for holding the drums in place. These drum stackers facilitate rotations up to 360 degrees and come with two glass-filled nylon rigid & two swivel poly-on-steel casters for shock absorption. With a maximum load capacity of 800 lb, these hydraulic drum stackers are available in heights ranging from 76.437 to 118.75 inches on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelHeightLengthMotor HPWidthPrice

Multi-purpose Overhead Drum Lifter


Variable Height Pail Dispensers

Vestil pail dispensers are ideal for dispensing plastic / steel pails in chemical processing, manufacturing and food & beverage processing applications. These pail dumpers feature 24 angle settings for dispensing the drum's contents from the desired position and hand cable winch control for lifting & tilting drums. They have steel construction with powder coated finish for withstanding abrasive environments. Choose from a wide range of these pail dispensers, available in 125 & 200 lb capacities on Raptor Supplies.

ALLW-PAILD-100125 lbs.20"29"€1,721.86
BLLW-PAILD-200200 lbs.26.5"20"€1,537.30

Horizontal Drum Lifting Hook

Morse Drum 41 Series lifting hooks are ideal for lifting and transporting standard horizontal 55-gallon (210 litre) steel drums with lengths ranging from 34 to 36 inches. They feature a tight head that remains intact throughout and a removable top (on selected models) equipped with a lid to securely clamp the assembly. These drum lifting hooks are capable of handling loads up to 1000 lb and are further integrated with stainless-steel rods and spark-resistant aluminium / alloy bronze lifting rings and hooks.

StyleModelSpark ResistantPrice

42 Series Heavy-Duty Drum Lifters

42 Series heavy-duty drum lifters by Morse Drum are suitable for lifting 55-gallon steel drums using hoists or cranes. These drum lifters offer both horizontal and off-vertical mode of operation for upending and setting the drum down on its side. They are further integrated with forged hooks for engaging the rims at opposite ends of the drum and can handle loads up to 2000 lb.


86 Series Drum Lifters, Below-Hook

Morse 86 Series drum lifters are designed to lift drums with a cinch and ratchet mechanism for secure transportation at construction sites, docks and oil rigs. They feature a below hook for added support & safety while lifting. They come in drum diameter and height ranges of 22 - 23.5 inches and 23 - 38 inches, respectively. These heavy-duty drum lifters have a maximum load capacity of 2000 lb and come with a load test certification that complies with ANSI / ASME standards.

A86S-3LP-Drum Lifter-€1,078.00
B86-SS1000 lb.Below-Hook Drum Lifters-€2,793.00
C861000 lb.Below-Hook Drum Lifters-€602.00
D86S-2D1000 lb.Below-Hook Drum LiftersCapacity for 2 drums€3,430.00
E86S-2LP1000 lb.Below-Hook Drum LiftersTwo lifting points€994.00
F86S-FP1000 lb.Below-Hook Drum LiftersFork pockets€1,596.00
A86S-NDT1000 lb.Below-Hook Drum Lifters-€3,024.00
G86S-FPHD2000 lb.Below-Hook Drum LiftersFork pockets€5,054.00

Drum Lifters

Drum handling equipment like barrel lifters are used for moving around different-sized drums without entailing any physical strain to the user. The most basic kind in this product category is the crane / hoist / overhead drum lifters, used in conjunction with cranes, to lift and transport heavy drums by grabbing the upper rim. The portable or forklift drum lifters can be simply strapped onto the portable truck, without grabbing the rims. These forklift barrel lifters have automated hydraulic controls for minimising user fatigue while loading / unloading.

  • Drum Handling Safety Tips: Heavy drums should be handled with proper drum handling equipment, like below-hook drum lifters, drum trucks or forklift attachments.
  • Conditions such as uneven or slippery floors and restricted spaces can entail greater risks. Plastic and fibre drums should be handled with utmost care in such situations.
  • One should be extremely careful when using a forklift. The blades on the forklift can easily pierce through the drum and can cause spillage.


Drum lifters are widely used for handling steel, plastic and fibre drums in food & packaging, recycling, material handling, marine, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Morse Drum overhead crane lifters are meant for transporting the drum in an upright position.
  • They feature a built-in plate that supports the drum and load binders for securing the drum in position.
  • These drum lifters come integrated with fork pockets and fork mount hooks to be attached with a monorail, crane or chain block for moving the drums.
  • Their heavy-duty steel / stainless-steel construction protects the drum lifter against weathering damages.

Justrite overhead drum lifters feature tong-style design for lifting heavy drums by simply gripping the drum chime. These rugged lifters resist accidental opening / bending under heavy loads.

  • Portable drum lifters are suitable for applications that require the user to lift and rotate the drum to safely dispense into containers.
  • They feature compact base for a small footprint and manoeuvrability in confined spaces with a tight turning radius.
  • These drum lifters can easily accommodate steel, plastic & fibre drums and rotate them up to 360 degrees.
  • Some models also include a built-in scale indicator for weighing the drum weight with accuracy while dispensing the material.

Drum stackers from Dayton & Vestil are designed for lifting & stacking heavy drums in commercial warehouses. The hydraulic lifting mechanism of these lifters prevents them from losing balance (even mid-transit) and facilitate fatigue-free drum stacking in heavy workload environments.

Valley Craft drum loaders feature three-wheel design with a rear-mount swivel caster for maximum manoeuvrability in tight spaces. These drum loaders are further integrated with a brake for preventing unwanted movement.

Working Mechanism

The overhead drum lifters are easy & safe to operate in contrast to traditional lifting equipment. These lifters are used in conjunction with overhead cranes and a chain to hold & lift the drum using the rim. The directional flexibility of the drum depends upon the crane movement and can be easily repositioned / relocated / detached by unlocking the drum lifter's locking mechanism. If the requirement is to lift & transport drums with or without the upper rim, portable drum lifters are an ideal choice. These hydraulic drum lifters feature swivel casters for reducing the frictional losses on factory floors. They can also tilt / rotate the drum, allowing the inner content to flow easily.

Standards and Approvals

The drum lifters provided by Dayton, Eagle, Enpac, Grainger, Justrite, Morse Drum, Vestil, Valley Craft and Wesco meet OSHA industry standards for user safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions should be taken before handling a drum?

  • Before lifting / moving, the user should check for any damage and also ensure that the lid / cap is securely fastened.
  • While handling drums containing hazardous powder / oil, the user should wear PPE kits.
  • Drum lifters should be properly latched to prevent accidents & chances of injury caused by a drum fall.

What are the suitable conditions for using Morse Drum overhead drum lifters?

Morse overhead drum lifters are suitable for applications where drums can only be lifted in an upright position. Additionally, they are used in facilities that have an integrated crane system for supporting the drum lifters.

How to move Vestil drum movers using a forklift?

Vestil forklift drum movers are best suited for lifting & transferring heavy drums because of their built-in forklift pockets that enhance the safety of the operation. The operator can lift the drum mover by sliding the forklift blades inside the pocket.

What are Vestil drum pickers?

Vestil drum pickers are lifting equipment, ideal for moving drums in confined & far-off locations. These drum lifters have single clamping mechanism that automatically attaches to the drum chime. Furthermore, the clamping mechanism is adjustable for accommodating smaller sized drums.

Which drum lifters are suitable to handle drums containing chemicals?

Vestil drum lifters / transporters are designed to handle chemicals, also prone to spillage. These drum lifters should be used for handling drums containing chemicals, as they maintain a sufficient distance between the user and the drum for safety against chemical burns.

What standards do Morse below-hook drum lifters comply with?

Morse below-hook drum lifters comply with ANSI/ASME B30.20 standards. Additionally, these drum lifters are individually load tested at 125 per cent rated capacity. The welding is as per ANSI / AWS D14.1 and ASME BTH-1 standards.