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Vinyl Edge Trim


Jumbo Vinyl Edge Trim Clips

Trim-Lok jumbo vinyl edge trim clips cover broad & exposed edges and protect them from wind, water & dust. They are ideal for glass, metallic, plastic & wooden materials. These clips feature a durable aluminium core with PVC covering and single gripping finger for a better grip & abrasion resistance. These clips are available in leg lengths ranging from 0.875 to 1 inch. Raptor Supplies also offers Trim-Lok aluminium edge trim clips to grip smaller edges.

StyleModelLeg LengthLengthOverall WidthPrice

Vinyl Edge Trim Clips

Trim-Lok vinyl edge trim clips cover & protect naked edges from wind, water & dust. They are ideal for glass, metallic, plastic & wooden materials. These clips feature a durable aluminium core with PVC covering for better gripping & abrasion resistance. They are available in single and double gripping finger variants. Raptor Supplies also offers Trim-Lok jumbo edge trim clips to grip boarder edges.

StyleModelLeg LengthLengthMaterialOverall WidthStylePrice
A100B3X3/32-250.562"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.263"Single Gripping Finger€33.94
A100B3X1/8-250.562"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.295"Single Gripping Finger€33.94
A100B3X5/32-250.562"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.326"Single Gripping Finger€33.94
A100B3X3/16-250.562"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.357"Single Gripping Finger€33.26
A100B3X1/4-250.562"25Single Gripping0.42"Single Gripping Finger€33.94
A100B3X1/16-1000.562"100Vinyl w/Metal Core0.232"Single Gripping Finger€115.70
A100B3X3/32-1000.562"100Vinyl w/Metal Core0.263"Single Gripping Finger€115.70
A100B3X1/8-1000.562"100Vinyl w/Metal Core0.295"Single Gripping Finger€115.70
A100B3X5/32-1000.562"100Vinyl w/Metal Core0.326"Single Gripping Finger€115.70
A100B3X3/16-1000.562"100Vinyl w/Metal Core0.357"Single Gripping Finger€131.99
A100B3X1/4-1000.562"100Vinyl w/Metal Core0.42"Single Gripping Finger€115.70
A100B3X1/16-2500.562"250ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.232"Single Gripping Finger€275.23
A100B3X3/32-2500.562"250ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.263"Single Gripping Finger€278.33
A100B3X1/8-2500.562"250ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.295"Single Gripping Finger€278.33
A100B3X5/32-2500.562"250ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.326"Single Gripping Finger€278.33
A100B3X3/16-2500.562"250ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.357"Single Gripping Finger€275.78
A100B3X1/4-2500.562"250ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.42"Single Gripping Finger€278.90
B150B2X1/16-250.562"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.232"Dual Gripping Finger€37.23
B150B2X3/32-250.562"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.263"Dual Gripping Finger€33.94
B150B2X1/8-250.562"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.295"Dual Gripping Finger€33.94
B150B2X5/32-250.562"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.326"Dual Gripping Finger€33.94
B150B2X3/16-250.531"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.357"Dual Gripping Finger€34.68
B150B2X1/4-250.5"25Vinyl w/Metal Core0.42"Dual Gripping Finger€33.94
B150B2X1/16-1000.562"100Vinyl w/Metal Core0.232"Dual Gripping Finger€129.15
B150B2X3/32-1000.562"100Vinyl w/Metal Core0.263"Dual Gripping Finger€115.70

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