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Dimming Ballast Electronic 120vlamp
Item: AD2WPT
Model: REZ-3S32-SC
€186.70 /unit
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Electronic Ballast Programmed T8 Lamps
Item: AH4RCZ
Model: IH1-UNV-232-T8
€194.08 /unit
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Fluorescent Ballast, Electronic, 1 Lamp
Item: CF6PZU
Model: VCN1S40SC35I
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Fluorescent Ballast, Electronic, 4 Lamp, 120 To 277 VAC, Programmed Start Type
Item: CF6PHU
Model: ICN4S5490C2LSG35I
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Fluorescent Ballast, Programmed/Rapid Start Type, 120VAC To 277VAC
Item: CH6PNK
Model: H3DT832GU310
€337.18 /unit
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Hid Ballast Electronic Pulse Straight 70w
Item: AC3HQA
Model: GEMH-70-MSF-120
€128.38 /unit
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HID Ballast, High Pressure Sodium, 120 VAC, 50W Lamp
Item: CF6NUP
Model: 71A7807500D
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HID Ballast, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Enclosed, 120 VAC, 35W Lamp
Item: CF6NUL
Model: 71A7707500D
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Led Driver 120 V 1.0-80 W 24 V
Item: AD7YYQ
Model: LED120A0024V33F
€158.41 /unit
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Magnetic Ballast, 120V

Magnetic Ballast, 120V

Item: CF6PVV
Model: RC2S102TPM
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Metal Halide Ballast, 175W, 120V
Item: CF6NRK
Model: 71A55A0001D
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Metal Halide Ballast, 250W, 480V/120T
Item: CF6NRP
Model: 71A5740500T
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Ballasts are installed into lighting fixtures for regulating current & voltage flowing to the fixture's LED arrays or light bulbs. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these ballasts from brands like Appleton Electric, Fulham, GE Lighting, General electric and Lumapro. They protect light bulbs and LEDs from damaging power supply and reducing the quality of the array's and bulb's light output. Fluorescent and HID ballasts are used to turn on HID or fluorescent light bulbs and control the current to the bulbs till the fixture remains on. We also provide ballast accessories including adapter plates and connector blocks to maintain the ballasts & improve their functionality.

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