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Drum and Barrel Pumps


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Drum Pump 1/2 HP 150 degree F Polypropylene For DEF
Item: AA7AJV
Model: EFP-54/S4
€2,004.54 /unit
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Drum Pump 212 Degree Fahrenheit 5 Gallon Buckets Ss
Item: AA7AHY
Model: EFS-16
€774.43 /unit
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Drum Pump 3/4 HP Suction Tube 40 L 7 GPM
Item: AC8UYG
Model: DTTS016
€2,545.77 /unit
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Drum Pump 4/5 Hp 1 Inch Outlet 60 Inch Overall Length
Item: AE3UEA
Model: PFP-48 & M3V Kit
€1,455.31 /unit
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Drum Pump Lever 17 Ounce Per Stroke
Item: AE6TAF
Model: 5UWG7
€172.45 /unit
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Drum Pump Lever Action Steel 2" Bung
Item: AG7VKL
Model: LDP-ST
€54.63 /unit
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Electric Drum Pump 115 V 60 Hz 1/3 Hp Pp
Item: AA7AJU
Model: EFP-54/S1
€1,987.17 /unit
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Electric Drum Pump 115v 60 Hz 1 Hp
Item: AD3UBZ
Model: HVDP & M58H
€10,056.14 /unit
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Electric Drum Pump Diaphragm 1/4 Hp
Item: AF2RKD
Model: SS460BX731
€952.17 /unit
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Polypropylene Drum Pump 16 Ounce Per Stroke
Item: AG8BNQ
Model: VDPX
€37.22 /unit
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Pump Lever Action Drum
Item: AD7XNB
Model: 4HA26
€190.43 /unit
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Pump Siphon 5 GPM
Item: AD7XNC
Model: 4HA27
€19.29 /unit
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Drum and Barrel Pumps

Drum pumps create a suction to draw water out of pails & barrels and then transfer them to empty containers, drums; ideal for sanitation, fleet maintenance and agricultural applications. Raptor Supplies offers a broad range of these products from brands like Action Pump, Dayton, Morse Drum, Vestil and Fill-Rite. These manual / air-powered / electric pumps feature a pumping mechanism for automatically drawing & dispensing fluids, thereby minimising the chances of spillages when pouring large & heavy containers. The drum pump tubes or hoses fit snugly to the drum openings. They are available in cork-nitrile, EPDM and Viton gasket materials.

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