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Analog Refractometer

Analog Refractometer

Item: CE8LGN
Model: ORA 7WB
€96.10 /unit
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Dipstick 300ml 40in. Pk12
Item: AF8KXK
Model: D8653276**
€1,062.41 /unit
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Disposable Transfer Pipet 7.5ml - Pack Of 500
Item: AB6GCW
Model: 21F226
€41.62 /unit
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Filter, 3 micron Capacity, Natural, Pipette Accessory, Plastic
Item: CF2EAN
Model: 3375-FIL
€14.79 /unit
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Measuring Pipette A Glass 0.2ml - Pack Of 12
Item: AE6CCX
Model: 5PTA4
€103.84 /unit
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Micropipet Plastic 300ul
Item: AF3XFC
Model: W810038
€397.57 /unit
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Pipette Light Green 1-10ul

Pipette Light Green 1-10ul

Item: AF8APB
Model: HS120098
€314.38 /unit
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Pipette Manual Rack 15.75 x 3.5 Blue
Item: AF3QZC
Model: HS20612
€130.50 /unit
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Pipetter Size 8 Channel 0.5 - 10uL
Item: AF7YFX
Model: W810600
€1,515.44 /unit
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Pipetter Tips 10ul - Pack Of 960
Item: AB6HGF
Model: 21R714
€80.72 /unit
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Pipetter Tips 5ml - Pack Of 100
Item: AB6HFM
Model: 21R695
€48.04 /unit
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Pipettor, 0.5 to 10 ul Size, 1 Channel
Item: CE9THT
Model: 24501-02
€365.81 /unit
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Lab Instruments

Raptor Supplies features a wide variety of quality lab instruments that help in carrying out testing or experiments accurately. Products that meet or exceed industry standards in measuring or calibration will help you perform everyday tasks at lab with ease

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