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Linear Motion


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Bronze Acme Nut, 7440 lb Dynamic Load Cap, 1 Turn/Inch
Item: AE4BXV
Model: 100ANB100
£137.04 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Carriage Assembly 27.7 x 38 x 144.2 Mm
Item: AC2VPN
Model: UT2WPAP
£218.72 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Limit Switch

Limit Switch

Item: CC3GQQ
Model: 3TLS111
£982.25 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Linear Bearing 2.937 Inch Width 4.000 Inch Length
Item: AC3BLW
Model: 6426
£106.08 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Linear Guide 960mm L 40 Mm W 19.7 Mm H
Item: AC2VMQ
Model: UTTRS2G0960
£503.55 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Mini-guide Assembly Double Carriage 160 Mm L
Item: AC9PGG
Model: SEBS5BUU2160mm
£444.62 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Mini-guide Assembly Single Carriage 100 Mm L
Item: AC9PGK
Model: SEBS7BUU1100mm
£217.60 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Mini-guide Assembly Single Carriage 130 Mm L
Item: AC9PGL
Model: SEBS7BUU1130mm
£251.47 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Mini-guide Assembly Single Carriage 40 Mm L
Item: AC9PGH
Model: SEBS7BUU140mm
£174.50 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Mini-guide Assembly Single Carriage 70 Mm L
Item: AC9PGJ
Model: SEBS7BUU170mm
£196.61 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Pillow Block 0.750 inch Bore 4.500 inch length
Item: AH2PJC
Model: SSUTWNA12
£353.93 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Spline Shaft Carbon Steel 6 Mm 400 Mm
Item: AC9PEN
Model: SSP6S400mm
£395.63 /unit(ex. VAT)
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Linear Motion

With the right accessories, a linear motion system can be drastically improved so that it is easily assembled and safe & easy to use. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these accessories, such as acme flanges, nuts & screws, linear guide rails, shafts & carriages, mounted & unmounted linear bearings from NB, Duff-Norton, Apollo, Warner Linear and Thomson. While the mounted linear bearings are used for correcting torsional misalignments and providing additional support for sliding doors, 3D printers & automated devices; the unmounted linear bearings support linear motion shafts. The latter feature outer sleeves for delivering a quiet, smooth & low-friction linear motion. We also offer mechanical actuators for linear positioning in machine tools, robots and electromechanical actuators installed in fan louvres, film processing equipment & lift tables demanding high-stroke speeds.

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