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External Retaining Ring Plier Set, Carrying Case, Cushion Grip Handle
Item: AD2KVF
Model: J361
€163.07 /unit
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Insulated Pump Pliers 10 In
Item: AB4MHG
Model: 1YXJ2
€45.35 /unit
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Linesman Pliers, Size 9-1/2 Inch, Ergonomic Handle
Item: AA2AVE
Model: J2000-9NECRTP
€97.99 /unit
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Long Nose Plier 6-1/4 Inch Serrated
Item: AH8JQN
Model: 30 13 160
€76.57 /unit
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Mega-Gripper Filter Pliers, 2 to 4-1/2 Inch Size
Item: CD8FZU
Model: LS/50550
€38.67 /unit
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Multi-Tool Plier, 8 Inch Size
Item: CG6KJL
Model: 59724440
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Needle Nose Pliers 6-3/8 2 Jaw
Item: AB3NLJ
Model: 1UKK1
€45.23 /unit
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Nonsparking Needle Nose Plier 6-1/4 inch
Item: AH8DLF
Model: 8264
€479.62 /unit
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Plier Combination 8 inch Length
Item: AD2KUC
Model: J278
€28.54 /unit
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Pump Plier, 10 Inch Size
Item: CE4VUU
Model: D50410B
€71.02 /unit
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Slip-Joint Plier, Overall Length 6 Inch
Item: CE4YKJ
Model: D5116
€29.28 /unit
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Tether Ready Wire Twist Pliers 8-3/4 Inch
Item: AF8ALK
Model: J196-TT
€139.18 /unit
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Raptor Supplies's pliers usage can make you feel the difference with a grip that locks the tool for independent tool rotation. It is efficient and ideally workable. Also available are tools for narrow areas which include the long nosed or thin needle nose pliers with long handles for a better grip and rotation. Pliers with multiple pieces are also available from Raptor Supplies for a variety of jobs.

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