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Safety Storage


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55 Gallon, Acid Safety Cabinet
Item: CD8CXB
Model: 896222
€3,255.72 /unit
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Bonding Wire with C Clip, 3 ft
Item: AG8DEF
Model: 1951
€45.67 /unit
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Combination Safety Cabinet Under Fume Hood
Item: AJ2KQU
Model: 9901000
€3,047.67 /unit
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Combination Safety Cabinet Under Fume Hood
Item: AJ2KHA
Model: 99022-00
€3,758.72 /unit
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Dasher Pan, Plunger Can, 5 Inch Size
Item: CH6FXG
Model: 11150
€38.10 /unit
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Daub Can Euro, Yellow
Item: CE7TBM
Model: B600DYEURO
€45.91 /unit
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Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinet, 2 Gallon, One Door Manual
Item: CE7RVX
Model: 1901XRED
€820.72 /unit
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HAZ-MAT Safety Cabinet, 60 Gallon, Yellow, Two Door, Self Close
Item: AG8DCX
Model: HAZ9010
€2,160.14 /unit
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Optional shelf, Size 39-11/16 x 29-3/16 Inch
Item: CF6KLY
Model: FS-SH-2939
€70.00 /unit
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Poly Shelf Tray For 12, 16 And 24 Gallon, Cabinets, 14-3/4 In D
Item: AG8DEN
Model: CRA-1908
€56.13 /unit
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Shelf Divider 2 Inch H 3 Inch Width 14 Inch D
Item: AC3DAK
Model: 1916G
€20.57 /unit
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Type Ii Dot Safety Can Red 16-1/2 Inch Height
Item: AE4LYP
Model: 7325120
€379.24 /unit
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Safety Storage

Hazardous chemicals and material needs to be stored in a special way. Industrial jobs mostly involve handling of dangerous chemicals like gas, oil, acid -all which need to be stored away safely. Apart from this your maintenance equipment also needs storage. Solutions for all these are provided by Raptor Supplies in the form of storage containers, cabinets or lockers. Find out specialized solutions for your business or job at Raptor Supplies!

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