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Sprockets and Inspection Service Doors


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QT Power Chain Belt Sprocket, Neoprene, 22mm Belt Width, 560mm Pitch Length, 70 Teeth
Item: AK6XYD
Model: 5608M22W
€99.65 /unit
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QT Power Chain Belt Sprocket, Neoprene, 42mm Belt Width, 1400mm Pitch Length, 100 Teeth
Item: AK6YBU
Model: 140014M42W
€724.71 /unit
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QT Power Chain II Belt Sprocket, Cast Iron, 4.88 inch Hub Dia., 20mm Belt Width
Item: AX4XXN
Model: 14MPC37S20
€253.21 /unit
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QT Power Chain II Belt Sprocket, Ductile Iron, 21mm Belt Width, 2.206 inch Pitch Dia.
Item: AM9JZJ
Model: 8MPC22S21
€186.98 /unit
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Roller Chain Sprocket, Bushed Bore, Steel
Item: BA3BYF
Model: 1174218
€202.66 /unit
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Roller Chain Sprocket, Plain Bore, Steel
Item: AZ9PBD
Model: 1125483
€70.91 /unit
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Sprocket 2.710 Outer Diameter #50
Item: AB2BTG
Model: 50B12F-3/4
€65.29 /unit
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Sprocket 3.504in OD 0.75in PD 1in BD #13
Item: AH6UKM
Model: 60BS13H X 1
€50.71 /unit
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Sprocket 3.920 Outer Diameter #50
Item: AE9PDQ
Model: 50B18F-1
€86.53 /unit
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Sprocket 6.147 Outer Diameter #60
Item: AE8WRM
Model: 60B24F-1 1/2
€158.64 /unit
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Timing Belt Sprocket, Neoprene, 0.38 inch Belt Width, 0.2 inch Pitch
Item: CD6QQE
Model: 400XL037
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Timing Belt Sprocket, Neoprene, 1.5 inch Belt Width, 0.5 inch Pitch
Item: CD6RTE
Model: 820H150
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Sprockets and Inspection Service Doors

Sprockets and inspection service doors allow quick in-line inspection without the requirement of special tools. They are ideal for use with conveyors and other material processing / handling equipment. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these inspection doors from brands like Browning, Allpax, Lovejoy, Tritan, Tsubaki and TB Woods. They feature an easy-to-lift handle with no bolts for loosening and a self-locking, prefabricated steel frame for sealing out dust & rain.

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