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Anti-Slip Tape, 4 x 60.0 Feet, 80 Grit Silicon Carbide, Rubber Adhesive
Item: CD2WXK
Model: GRAN13810
£57.62 /unit
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Antislip Tape, Aluminium Oxide, Size 6 Inch x 60 Feet
Item: CD6MFH
Model: 33056
£274.76 /unit
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Cloth Tape 2 Inch x 5 Yard 11.7 Mil Brown
Item: AA6XVF
Model: 15D612
£127.31 /unit
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Cloth Tape 3/4 Inch x 5 Yard 4.7 Mil Brown
Item: AA6XUV
Model: 15D602
£27.70 /unit
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Double Coated Tape Gray 2" - Pack of 100
Item: AD6JQY
Model: 4936
£270.23 /unit
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Filament Tape 72mm x 55m 4 Mil Pk 16
Item: AB7HUP
Model: RG30044G
£247.45 /unit
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Film Tape Polyimide Amber - Pack Of 49
Item: AA7YGL
Model: 16U725
£19.78 /unit
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Squeak Reduction Tape Clear 1" x 5 yd
Item: AA6XFP
Model: 9325
£60.01 /unit
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UHMW Film Tape Clear 3/4In x 5 Yard
Item: AA6XBN
Model: 5423
£54.54 /unit
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Urethane Foam Double-Sided Foam Tape, 1/16 Inch Thick, 1/2 Inch X 5 Yard
Item: CE9CTP
Model: 4026
£10.00 /unit
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Vhb Tape 1/2 Inch x 5 Yard Gray
Item: AA6WNJ
Model: 125RP16
£17.23 /unit
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Water Contact Indicator Tape Circle 5mm - Pk 100
Item: AD6JUA
Model: 5559
£139.62 /unit
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To secure items, tapes feature adhesive on one or both sides of flexible cloth, metallic, rubber or plastic backing. These tapes provide structural strength that can sometimes replace bolts, rivets or welds. Raptor Supplies offers a broad variety of these tapes, such as electrical, foil, transfer, masking, filament, double-sided, film, duct & cloth and dry vinyl plated tapes from brands like 3M, Ability One, Brady, ER Tape, Grainger and CS Johnson. Duct tapes deliver strong adhesion and can conform to irregular surfaces. They have a mesh backing for increased durability and are usually resistant to moisture and abrasion. The filament tapes, on the otherhand, are reinforced with fibre that prevent snapping and tearing in packing and bundling applications. To provide an insulating barrier between surfaces, we also offer foam tapes to prevent damages caused by dust, moisture, noise, impact, temperature fluctuations and vibrations. Models are available in multiple colours to facilitate easy colour-coding or organisation when working with electrical wires.

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