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DESTACO 500 Series Vertical Hold Down Clamps

StyleModelClamp Arm LengthHolding CapacityToggle Lock PlusMaterialMounting BaseClamp Arm StyleHandleClamp Bar OpeningPrice
0.53"1500 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelSwivel With Locking Spring ClipWeldableVertical200°€364.66
0.53"1500 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelLong With Locking Spring ClipWeldableVertical200°€412.31
0.53"1500 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelLongWeldableVertical200°€279.17
0.56"560 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelSwivelWeldableVertical200°€398.75
0.56"560 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelLongWeldableVertical200°€448.57
0.99"2400 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelSwivelWeldableVertical200°€258.30
0.99"2400 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelSwivel With Locking Spring ClipWeldableVertical200°€397.38
1.14"2400 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelLongWeldableVertical200°€391.31
1.14"2400 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelLong With Locking Spring ClipWeldableVertical200°€590.51
1.27"5000 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelSwivelWeldableVertical200°€385.74
1.27"5000 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelSwivel With Locking Spring ClipWeldableVertical200°€541.94
1.38"5000 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelLong With Locking Spring ClipWeldableVertical200°€847.98
1.38"5000 Lbs.NoForged Alloy SteelLongWeldableVertical200°€619.82

500 Series Vertical Hold Down Clamps

Destaco 500 Series weldable vertical hold down clamps are designed to apply downward clamping force by increasing the applied load via toggle mechanisms. These weldable vertical toggle clamps offer the flexibility to position the base, clamp arm & handle and weld them in any desired position to suit different applications. They comprise accurately machined components having hardened and ground pivot pins and bushes. These clamps offer a stationary alternative to removable C clamps or spring clamps when securing material to a work surface. These clamps hold workpieces in place using a lever handle that is pushed to the upright position when the clamp is engaged. They are equipped with an ergonomically designed handle to minimise strain and pain while working. The lever handle engages & release the clamping head, which holds a workpiece onto a worktable. Destaco toggle clamps are used in welding, assembling and heavy duty production clamping applications in various commercial industries. These hold down toggle clamps feature high clamping ability that reduces necessary fixtures for a particular application. They can adapt to workpieces of different heights. Destaco vertical hold down toggle clamps are virtually maintenance free and they only require a few drops of lubricating oil to keep them in excellent condition. These clamps enable the user to undertake an action without being worried by the frequent movement of a workpiece. The unique pivot and unique lever system ensures maximum function and excellent performance. They have high exerting force and flexible adjustability that are useful when working with various material thicknesses. They feature a fixed design to secure & loosen workpieces without moving the clamp itself. These vertical hold-down clamps are available in a locking spring clip design variant.


Destaco 500 Series variable stroke straight line action clamps offer a wide combination of features, making them adaptable to applications such as assembly, welding & heavy duty production in the aerospace, automotive and food & packaging industries.


  • Destaco 500 Series weldable vertical hold down clamps feature forged alloy steel construction to offer exceptional strength & structural rigidity and handle loads ranging between 560 and 5000 lb.
  • These clamps come with hardened pivot pins and bushings to ensure long service life.
  • They combine modular construction with a fixed design that offers the ability to secure and loosen material without moving the clamp.
  • These 500 Series Destaco vertical hold down toggle clamps are available in swivel & long base options to customise the clamp to suit application requirements.
  • Selected models ending in "LSC" feature locking spring clip to secure the handle in the open position.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 503503-L, 505503-L & 506503-L: These pipe handles are ideal for use with 500 Series vertical clamps (503, 505 & 506) for preventing accidents because of slipping or losing grip, to ensure high level of safety during work.
  • Destaco 503502, 505502 & 506502: These base plates enhance the capabilities of Detaco 500 Series variable stroke straight line action clamps (503, 505 & 506). They are used to mount the clamp to a fixed square bar to meet the specifications of the application.

Standards and Approvals

  • These Destaco 500 Series weldable vertical hold down clamps are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.


  • Destaco 500 Series variable stroke straight line action clamps feature a weldable design to allow the user to weld base, clamp arm & handle in any desired position for versatile clamp set up to meet different application requirements. We recommend welding the handles, clamp arms and mounting bases when disassembled. In addition, welding of non pre-heated parts may purely be done with the addition of welding fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a hold down toggle clamp work?

Vertical handle toggle clamps actuate against the workpiece and compress or stretch the equipped linkages to keep the workpiece in a stationary position.

What does holding capacity mean in terms of clamps?

The holding capacity or the holding force depicts the clamp's capability to hold down the equipment or sheet metal on the assembly line or during any other manufacturing process.

What is the benefit of using a toggle clamp over other types of clamp?

The main advantage of a toggle clamp is that it is quick-acting. These clamps can generate high holding force from the limited amount of force you put into the clamp. Depending on what you have been employing in the past, that efficiency will give a cost-benefit by accelerating production and increasing production outputs when you are able to increase the speed with which you are loading and unloading components.

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